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27 Oct 2009 - 11:3221405
"How was it" (october) thread?
I don't think anyone has done this (unless it's already been deleted )

Not having gone, how was the expo/Fuyu? Good? Bad? Ugly?
Cosplays that you thought were really good/ stood out?
How did the masquerade go?

and so on...

27 Oct 2009 - 13:3621414
I went to Expo for the Saturday Arrived at London on the Friday.

I havent been feeling well during the weekend but its cool, Im sure other events will make up for it. Ill heath (nothing serious) did ruin the weekend for me D:

Hardly been reconised but its ok I guess. Least I had a nice confortable cosplay I can run around in

Seen loads of really good cosplays too many to list! Thanks to you ALL for inspiration for me to work even harder on my future cosplays and now Im full of pride as a cosplayer

Alcon 2016

27 Oct 2009 - 13:4321415
I went to the expo an had an amazing time! I especailly had a good time with my CLAMP group! XD Especailly when Fai started chasing me around because I had his eye XDDD

30 Oct 2009 - 08:0821517
Had oodles of fun with the Phoenix Wright group on the Sunday xD all of them were just so awesome and the Pokemon group on the Saturday was great too ^^

I think this was a great Expo! still deciding whether May or October were better (both were great IMO) so let's see if May 2010 can overstep that mark xD

30 Oct 2009 - 09:4521519
I had a great time : )

Seen some Amazing world class cosplays which i had thought to be impossible

Expo was very inspiring indeed

find my photos here


30 Oct 2009 - 23:2821555
Expo was good. I was L saturday and Cloud sunday.

good memories the kinda stuff i can treasure. shame it's over already.

I predict that the world will end at half past six. what i don't know is exactly when.
31 Oct 2009 - 00:1421561
It was about average for mee
to much running round on the saturday during my shoots most likely XD

I'm looking forward to May already though XD
Can't wait to wear my planned cosplays 8D

31 Oct 2009 - 02:0021567
i was roasting! next time i am not wearing a 3 layer costume with a wig and hat!
other than that it was great! picked up some pretty cool little graphic novel/manga. bring on may!

31 Oct 2009 - 09:2821568
lol - the expo hall was indeed very warm, and on the Sunday I was v hot in my suit xD I felt even more sorry for my friend who was one of the giant moogles!!! Luckily I did Lugia at a good time (twas a bit cold outside but not too cold)

31 Oct 2009 - 09:2921569
I went to Fuyu and it was pretty awesome (three fire alarms aside!) Attended the Axis Powers Hetalia shoot which was utterly cracktastic - can't wait to see the shot where all the Axis Powers are goosestepping down the street and the Allied Powers are doing a conga line behind us! Oh, and when we went into town this old guy walked past Germany and said "I used to shoot buggers like you" XD

The discos were brill too!

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31 Oct 2009 - 13:0321571
Expo on Sat was absolutley rammed inside the hall and on the concourse. There were so many of us standing in long queues it seemed like madness. I didn't really see the stands properly until Sunday - it was much quieter on Sun, especially in the morning. So it made me and my friends think next time we will set aside Sun to do our shopping cuz you can get around the stands easier.
On Sat I spent most of the day still actually sewing my costume and props for the masquerade show later, it was a lot more peacefull down in the carpark! Masquerade was Brill and I got to meet so many folks I know from CosIsland backstage, then we were awarded Best Perfromance for our skit so that was a great result.
Sun I Epicly Failed my cosplay plan though. Getting two costumes finished was just too much of a mountain to climb for me in the end, even though I brought everything but the sewing machine with me in the car. The Sailor moon group I was supposed to be with had to re-jig their walk on routine because I flunked out last minute. Still feeling bad that I let the girls down in such a big way.
So Sun instead I went around the show in civies. At least I got to meet lots of people and chat, includiing Tonyo (at last) - there were lots of OMG YOU're Steve!! ^_^ ...cuz I look very different out of costume. And it was nice to watch the masquerade show as one of the audience for a change. And in civies I managed to get a lot more photo's of coslayers. ..although a few I asked looked suspiciously at me like, why is this 'older guy' taking my picture?
My friend suggested next time I walk around Expo wearing a pair of girls knickers on my head and a "Panty Thief" T-shirt. Sounds like a plan.

31 Oct 2009 - 13:2921572
Quote Ranma1-2:
My friend suggested next time I walk around Expo wearing a pair of girls knickers on my head and a "Panty Thief" T-shirt. Sounds like a plan.

... Please do 8'D

Errr I should probably post something other than a one liner now...
I went to Fuyucon instead of Expo this year, it was my first convention and my impression of it? AWESOME. It was much more chilled, the atmosphere was lovely and everyone was so nice. The hotel itself was a really nice place to hold a con, the only downside was that food there was really expensive, thankfully where we stayed (Travelodge) there were a lot of food outlets dotted around so we either bought food there or we just got food on the way as we went back to the hotel to change.
Hotel prices itself were really rather expensive as well and I think we were lucky that we managed to bag £19 a night at the Travelodge and have my friend's parents be with us.

There isn't as much to do at Fuyucon than there is at Expo, however you get to know more people because there's far less people and it's much easier to socialize. There's quite a lot of space for you to sit down that's -not- the floor as well which is also a bonus lol! There wasn't as much to buy, however I think the Bring & Buy they had was rather handy as they had something interesting stuff going on for sale.

The masquerade and omake were really enjoyable to watch and I managed to enjoy every act. There were other competitions such as the Gala Bingo and the Panel Quiz as well. They were all a big laugh and great fun to participate in and watch (we were Team Epic Fail in the Gala Bingo and we won the lovely, last place 8D).

Overall I think it was an amazing event for me and the perfect first con to go to. I can understand how it's not everyone's cup of tea if they like the busy, hyperactive atmosphere of Expo. But I myself enjoyed the chilled out atmosphere of it and would love to go again.

......................... Okay that was long, I wasn't expecting to write that much. It's a curse TT_______TT

31 Oct 2009 - 13:4221573
It was awesome!!
Although I was FREEZING on both days, but that's my fault for choosing cosplays which involve not a lot of clothing...
Envy & Sasori were COLD

It wasn't as good as May but it was still fun =D

I can't wait for next may... but I'm having trouble choosing cosplays! I have about 4 options at the moment! =/

03 Nov 2009 - 09:0521706
It was ok, I wasnt that impressed this time around.

On the saturday so many people were so rude, mainly little kids I suppose. But when me and my friend go there, where were told by one of the other cosplayers we we that people were breaking weapons for fun and just running into people.

This did happen to me and ruined my armour so I walked around with a massive rip in it and couldn't fix it (had to chuck it away aswell)

But at least my 3 foot bow was ok.

The sunday was a lot better, less people and we could look around the stalls a bit more, there were only a few things that annoyed me about the whole weekend.

1 - People hogging the games area, didnt even get a chance to look at any of the games on show becuase of this.
2 - the stalls didnt have much in ways of buying things this time around. Half of the stuff from May wasn't there. The plushies were kinda rubbish this time around. The grizly bears were cute though.

I think that was it, other than that I had a good time.

Just hope may is a lot better.

03 Nov 2009 - 10:4321713
It was my first Expo and I went on the Sunday X3

I loved it. My God, there was so. much. hugging. I've never seen so many people get hugged in one day before XDDD It was simply epic. The cosplayers <3 Just everything.

I can't wait for May ^^

03 Nov 2009 - 12:3921724
It was awesome as always... but saturday was so rammed, I didn't see much of the stalls and stuff on that day because it was so hot inside the centre. Aside from that I had a really good time, I noticed that the general quality of people's cosplays is a lot higher, which is cool but ups the competition. XD

Sunday was a hell of a lot calmer, I actually got a good look around at all the stalls, saw lots of shiny things I couldn't afford.

03 Nov 2009 - 20:3721753
I had a great time. I wasn't sure if I would because last year I had so many glomp issues that I hated.

This Oct one however, was great. Didn't get glomped once. Managed to completely avoid free huggers and had a great time with friends.

It was so great to see everyone and to meet so many people that I had been chatting to online for ages.

The only real downer was London transport causing probs which meant I had to use some of my food money on transport. Luckerly, my friends brought me dinner on the Sun night (LOVE YOU SCARLETT!!!!!).

Even though our group had to cancel our sat masq entry we still had a great time and had photo fun. The Kuroshituji shoot on the sun was epic. Great to be part of that.

Both voice artists I wanted to see were brill.

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