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21 Oct 2009 - 15:5621277
Mega Long Wig Tangled Help Please!!
Basically, my wig came for my Misao costume and all i have to do is brush and then tie it up but it is proving to be rather impossible as this wig HATES BRUSHES. Seriously...i touched it with a brush and it just got tangled O_O now I don't have time to get a new wig, and I mean, it's a nice wig...it'd just be nice if I could brush it without it tangling >_< I've tried detangler spray and that didn't really do anything, well it detangled a smal area but there's still alot to go....

So if anyone has any tips to help or something please let me know because this needs to be sorted out before mcm or i'll have a really wierd looking wig on my head >_<

21 Oct 2009 - 16:0921278
I think there's a trick that you can steam it (as it leave it in a hot bathroom) and that should help.

22 Oct 2009 - 08:0221308
I use a comb, but a brush will work. Brush starting at the tips of the hair and then slowly move upwards to the roots- it's not like real hair so if you tried brushing straight away at the top of the wig it will tangle.


22 Oct 2009 - 11:2721321
If you wanna detangle it, you should work it through with your fingers first.



cosplay.com has a lot of good threads and tutorials on tangled wigs. Hopefully they'll be a lot of help.

22 Oct 2009 - 17:3521336
thanks alot for all the tips!! i'll give them a go ^_^ *hopes they work* XD

29 Oct 2009 - 20:5321509
Try using an oil sheen product and work at it with a wide toothed comb. The wig should absorb the oil or it will dry overnight.

Good Luck!
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