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03 Feb 2008 - 21:151546
sewing complex
I need major help!! See i would like to make my own everyday clothes for Sora, so i can go out in the city as Sora in cool regular clothes that look like somthing he would where. only problem..... i can't even sew a straight line let alone my own shirt and pants. so does anyone have tips on how to sew?

03 Feb 2008 - 21:411547
This probably won't help at all, but if I was you, I'd go to Primark and buy some clothes that look relatively like Sora's and just customise. It'd be a lot easier than starting from scratch ^^;

I've only just started sewing myself, and I started with small projects before going onto full cosplay outfits. Try starting off with small cosplay parts, like Natsuo's eyepatch from Loveless, or Haruhi's armband from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The more you practice, the more confidence you'll get about sewing I guess.

...I'll leave the actual tips to the more experienced cosplayers xD;

03 Feb 2008 - 23:541548
I've had a lot of help from my mum, which helps.

But I agree with Freya that you should start by buying some cheap bits from Primark or New Look and customising them. Putting zips on a shirt, or something.
And start really simple. It builds your confidence a lot.

As for sewing tips, always pin and tack. Never try to fold over the hem of the material and sew straight away, it just doesn't work. I made this mistake several times before my mother stepped in.
If you're using a sewing machine, experiment with different stitches on a spare bit of material too, so you become more familiar with the different settings and which each one does.

Thats all I can really think of... .___.

04 Feb 2008 - 00:521549
Personally i find its easier to build from scratch

The easiest way to work out how to make clothes is to study your regular items of clothing inside out literally...

You can see all the stitch lines and where and how the fabrics are joined.

Failing this you can buy a pattern from any hobby shop or fabric store, a pattern is basically a set of instructions with templates to build what you want...

The instructions can be difficult to follow even for experienced cosplayers not through actual difficulty but through the language used on the directions but you can figure it out after reading through it a few times and guessing a lot of the time XD

As for actual sewing practice makes perfect so get some cheep fabrics and keep on sewing weather your on machine or by hand all experience is good experience...

if you need any more help dont be afraid to ask


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04 Feb 2008 - 12:221553
Yeah patterns can be complicated sometimes, I've had many arguments with some just trying to work out what it means!

But like MangaChild suggests look at your clothes to work out how they fit together, you can always find a top (or relevant piece of clothing) pin it to your fabric and cut round it (DIY patterns!!) then sew the pieces together in the same way as the top. I've done that a few time when I'm stuck on how to make it! Also as Silver suggests, pin and tack the item together first to check the fit before you sew, trust me, it saves time! (unpicking stitching is time consume and soul destroyingly boring!)

Also remember the good old saying, measure twice, cut once!

There is always room for cake
03 Mar 2008 - 01:341837
I'd say make templates and try try try again XD

Buy like, sheets from a charity shop for a few quid and away you go.

put together the templte you make, and if it doesn't look right, rip it apart and start again. It helps you learn about patterns and also gives you sewing experience,and its o crappy material that it doesn't matter on.

06 Mar 2008 - 15:331878
Newspaper is your friend. You can use it to create patturns from your own clothes and while it doesn't hang like fabric, you can often get an idea of whether your designs are too large or too small by attaching the newspaper panels together and holding them up to yourself.

I liked it when the paperboy would put my free weekly cosplay supplies through the door, but they seem to have stopped that now

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06 Mar 2008 - 16:461881

well i was wondering mayb wen you are cuting out your patterns for your costume leave a 1 inch width...

this is to do a stitch line and then a overlap stitch over the first one it will help to straighten up any wonky lines and also secure your costume for everyday wear...

okies for the stitching... once pattern is cut out place all together the way you would wear it and stitch a them together... the stitching is on the outside right now but dont worry will be sorted...

once done flip your costume inside out and stitch the area again this time your first line of stitching will help give you a straight line and a more professional machine sewen effect...

good thing about this is that the hemming then will be strongly secured and that fabric wont come apart as often , which is a good thing if your are wanting to wear your Sora costume as a casual outfit...

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