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14 Oct 2009 - 15:2921114
Photography editing, finishing and printing services
Sad your best pose was spoilt by that naruto cosplayer swinging off a lamp-post in the background? Shot doesn't look right because there's a car parked right in the image?

Fed up with poor quality commercial photoprints (and really, who isn't!)?

You're in the right thread!

After sitting on my photography degree for over a year without using it for anything other than personal artistic pursuit, I'm opening up a bit of my time for some editing.

No job too great! I've done work ranging from removing unsightly objects, to fully restoring battered photos which had been given up on.

Also, due to the printing equiptment I have, I'm offering a printing service up to A3+ size (slightly larger than A3).

Print quality clever bit:
I own a proffessional 8 colour A3+ pigment printer which delivers 5760dpi resin coated surface optimised print quality. The final prints are archival/gallery grade, with a scratch resistant surface.

Each job will have to be priced once the image is sent to me. some editing takes a lot longer than others. with printing, everything depends on page size, colour density, etc.

Once i get an OK to repost previous edits I've done, and get a couple more personal ones done that I've had on my to-do pile, I'll re-update this thread with images!

14 Oct 2009 - 15:5421117

I have an old (non-cosplay) photo I took with a film camera years ago, I lost the original but have a scanned copy, and would love to see it looking a little better! How much do you think you would charge for something like that? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=48726&l=7cc564437c&id=508078668

There is always room for cake
14 Oct 2009 - 16:2221120
hmm, i could work off that image, but do you have an original file with a higher resolution? it's not important as i can resize, but it might cut a bit of the extra noise generated from resizing.

either way, it's a couple of hours of not too frustrating work. £14?

14 Oct 2009 - 16:5221126
nope that's it This photo was taken nearly 10 years ago, and the machine it was scanned onto is long gone. This is the only copy I have. I'll drop you a pm about monies!

There is always room for cake
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