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13 Oct 2009 - 01:1720988
London October Expo 2009 Photo Shoots
Hey everyone. I just wanted to let people know- since my site is down while I redesign it- that I'll be available for booked photo shoots at London October Expo.

My schedule at the moment is:

10am -
11am - (Taken)

10am -
11am -
12noon -
1pm -

Six photo shoots, I've learned from past experience that that's my comfortable number. Only two on Saturday because I plan to spend most of the day in cosplay.

The meeting place for the shoots will be by the exit to the ExCel Centre facing the Novatel.

If you want to book a photo shoot then either let me know in a comment (preferred) or PM. Be sure to include your character and your first/second choice of times. The prices are the same: £15 for a half hour, 20 photo (minimum) shoot, +£2 for each additional person.

If you're looking for examples of my past work, Here's my photo collection from Aya Revolution, my Cosplay Island galleries, and my best work is on display on my DeviantArt account.

My site's still undergoing a redesign, and I'm getting rid of my old email address too (so don't bother sending stuff to that).

Even if you don't book a shoot, I hope to see you at London Expo. I'm really looking forward to it.

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