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10 Oct 2009 - 21:5920772
Photo shoot outakes!!
Lets have some fun

Costume photo shoots are now taking off in a big way. they can be quite daughting for anyone who wants to get the shot just right. Even some of the best of us can have some misshaps happen along the way. Lol!

So how about sharing some for fun. Shows the light hearted side of cosplay as well as to show that mistakes can happen and sometimes they can infact make for some fantastic photos.

Just a couple of rules.

*must be from an organised photoshoot. Dosen't have to be from an event.

*please credit if not your photo or your not in it.

*please do get permission from photographer or cosplayer.

*only post up to three per post.

*make sure that they aren't too big. If they are then please post link.


10 Oct 2009 - 22:0420773
Heres the first.

Me during the Soulcalibur photoshoot at Aya 09. Photo by Nert. I'm cosplaying as Raphael Sorel.


You can view the larger size here http://www.manylemons.co.uk/gallery/nertcam/AyaCon/2009/spack/NertCam-16123.JPG.html


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10 Oct 2009 - 22:1520775
Laaawl I dunno if this fits all the criteria but it's defo a 'photo outake' XD

Photo is by Little Geeky at ayacon 09!

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11 Oct 2009 - 00:0620780
You totally did this thread for us didn't you Emma? But its not fair! I have far more than just 3 to do per post! T_T I'll have to do another one in a little bit and add MOAR!

OKAY! Where to start?!

Well lets start with one of my personal favs. taken by the beautiful and smexy Kazz with me and Nocturnal-Blossom cosplaying Akira and Shiki from Togainu no Chi, we could not keep the yaoi-game photoshoot smut-free for long:

I love this one just cos of mine and Kitsu's LOL WE R SRS BZNS faces hehe ^^ - also including of course the ever-so graceful Miss Uni. Photo taken by Fez.

And who can forget the SORA DANCE(TM)?!!! - A running gag in our TB shoots. (Involving - from right to left - Sonia's hubby, Miss Uni, Sonia, Moi, Seph, Nocturnal & Kirokitsune!) - May there be many more to come in the future! Photo taken by Fez.

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.
11 Oct 2009 - 00:5220782
That gif is quite possiblyy the best thing I've seen all night XD

11 Oct 2009 - 02:4920784
This is a really great idea for a thread.. *__* <3 I love outtakes.

I was taking random snapshots while the models (Cosplaying from Code Geass) were preparing putting on their 'heart' shaped hats. I captured this and it looked too silly not to add that caption.

And well it turned into this picture eventually ( http://skei.deviantart.com/art/Geass-LOVE-ATTACK-138824803 )

Cosplay http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikau_photography Photography

SAGA http://studiosaga.deviantart.com/ Generation

12 Oct 2009 - 13:1020898
I'm gald that peeps like it.

Love whats being posted so far.

Yes, I did forget that you might have a far few, Monkey. OMG!!!! I love the Sora dance. I can't believe it still works. Ah, good times. Nocturnal Blossom dose pull some of the most brilliant of faces. I love Kit's face of all seriousiness.

@MikauMikau. I love that shot. Even as an outtake its so cute.

Well, it seems that when I'm Abel I can't help but mess up (there isn't that many outtakes of my Sephiroth).

The 'OMG serious face of death' whilst doing a dancing shot (taken during the Trinity Blood shoot by Fez).

Even when trying to be sexy Abel comes off as a dork! (from the same shoot/photographer as above)

In the middle of a mini shoot by my friend Anton at Aya 09.


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