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09 Oct 2009 - 15:0320711
Prop Weight Issue
Hey guys. Right, I've never been to a con yet, so I don't know about this stuff. If I was to go to an event, I'd go as Cloud from FF7. I've got a home made buster sword that weighs a fair bit because of the pine wood interior it has. The casing is cardboard. It's around 6'4 inches tall and a foot across.

Is there usually a specific weight or dimensions you need to stay within? I'd imagine everyone who goes to these events are all sensible people and wouldn't go around trying to hurt someone.

09 Oct 2009 - 15:0620712
Weight isn't usually an issue. Height, however is.

At Expos, I think the maximum weight is about 1.5 metres. At cons it differs from place to place, but a sword that big you'll probably not be allowed to take it inside.

Depending on the convention/Expo, I'd email the people in charge of props/cosplay to find out.

09 Oct 2009 - 16:0520716
As Silver said, all events have their own prop rules. You can usually find them on the event website or forum somewhere.

Generally size is the main problem, as these are crowded places and no matter how careful you are, they will get in the way.

How solid the prop is will be the second factor, this almost goes hand in hand with the weight. If someone get's hit, which breaks first; the prop or the person?

Then it depends on if you're just wearing it round the event, or in a masquerade. I can imagine you would be allowed it in a masquerade, but not walking around the event.

09 Oct 2009 - 16:1120717
Yeah thanks for the feedback guys. I'm thinking about trying to make something to let me wear it on my back, but a design isn't coming to mind Any ideas?

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