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08 Oct 2009 - 11:2720656
Scotland Deploy
So how many of you guys are from Scotland? I feel alone up here right now

08 Oct 2009 - 17:1020671
I'm also from Scotland although I'm a good 3.5 hours drive up north, 50 miles above Aberdeen.
There are plenty cosplayers around the Glasgow/Edniburgh area and some of them go to Cosplay Scotland meets.

I can sympathise with the up lonely in the North thing. Only remedy is to go to as many cons and events as you can. XD

08 Oct 2009 - 18:4020683
50 miles above Aberdeen... Ouch >.<" I thought I had it rough lol!

Yeah I guess I should try and make the most out of what I can go to. Might try save up for the next Auchinawa.

08 Oct 2009 - 18:5220684
I'm from Edinburgh! I does seem that most of us are in Glasgow.

08 Oct 2009 - 19:2620687
Yay a local! I'm in Falkirk lol

10 Oct 2009 - 22:3820778
HI I'm from Glasgow too but I'm French lol going to cosplay for the 1st time at the London expo too in 2 weeks can't wait !

10 Oct 2009 - 22:4220779
Yay for more Scottish/French people!

Keep this thread alive. It'll hopefully attract more.

06 Aug 2010 - 16:4038107
I'm Scottish too. Would love to meet up with other Scottish cosplayers.

My msn name is if anyone would like to chat.

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08 Aug 2010 - 22:2138322
Cosplay Scotland Facebook

here is the link for the cosplay scotland facebook page the next meet is on Sunday 15th August 2010

i live in scotland for the next 4-5 weeks b4 i move to London but i hope this can help everyone xx

10 Aug 2010 - 23:4238485
Hey, Im from Aberdeen!

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11 Aug 2010 - 20:3438557
Im one of the co-organisers of Glasgow Anime (www.glasgowanime.org) - we hold monthly meets

Last Saturday of the month is for all ages and 2nd Thurs of the month is 18+

You should join as there's loads of us from all over Scotland (including a guy in France!)

I go by Kadaj on the forum

25 Sep 2010 - 19:4641500
I've just moved to Edinburgh! plan on going to the next cosplay scotland meet so hopefully can can involved in with the scotish cosplay comunity n_n

05 Mar 2012 - 11:5580201
I'm Scottish! I live in the Rosyth area and recently started going to the Cosplay Scotland meets.

I'm closeish to Edinburgh.

I'm new to this :3
05 Mar 2012 - 16:4780221
I'm in Stirling.

12 Mar 2012 - 20:3880650
From kilmarnock nice to see more scottish cosplayers.

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