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08 Oct 2009 - 00:1520637
If theres already a thread on this subject just redierect me ^^

Well I'm still planning on doing a Black Lady cos from Sailor Moon R after delibaration I'm actually going to buy the wig the colour of her hair rather than attempt to dye one already in the style. Is there any help to be had on how to actually achieve odangos?

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08 Oct 2009 - 01:3920644
For the wig you really want to go for innocent from amphigory. You can order it through katie bairs site.
It's a short back parting wig that's perfect for odangos. I wouldn't go for a long wig unless you already have experience doing a back parting already on normal wigs.
You can't just part a wig like you would normal hair as the netting shows. Instead you need a wig specifically with a back parting already in it or be able to add one in yourself with extra fibres.

For the odangos you want to get some foam cores in the right shape. Once you have them there are a few methods you can use.
One is the stubbing method where you put the wig in bunches and cut off the tail leaving a stub which you then glue. Using what's left over you can cover the cores by hollowing them out having the fibres inside coming out the top and laying the fibres over the core and glueing them into place on the inside at the bottom. You'll need to hollow them out large enough to fit back over the stub with the fibres included and then glue them in place. You'll need extensions the right length to also put inside the core to hang down as the streamers.

The other method is similar but you don't cut the tails, this is more for long wigs though. Instead you feed the tail through the cores and lay them over and then trim. Leave enough at the bottom to be the streamers. This is a bit more difficult so I wouldn't advise it if you're not very experienced styling wigs.

08 Oct 2009 - 23:4220695
Here is how I made mine for Nehelenia
wip pics are in journal

There should be one more pic which would show the finished step which was to wrap the hair around the black painted foam ball and tie it at the base - so the odango ball actually gets covered with hair in the end. Then I just parted the loose hair sticking out the other end of the odango and used these 'tails' to tie onto the wig net. Afterwards I just untied them and took the odangos off so the wig could be used for another cosplay. If I need to do Nehelenia again I can just tie them back on.

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