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04 Oct 2009 - 15:3920509
~Official Takarazuka Cosplay Thread for Amecon 2010~
Hello! I was wondering if there are going to be any other Takarazuka cosplayers At Ame next year~

I will be making a whole weekend of it, so my cosplays will be:

"Phantom" - Phantom (Sumire Haruno) "You are Music" ver.

"Elisabeth" - Luigi Lucheni (Otozuki Kei)

"Elisabeth" - Franz-Joseph (Ayabuki Mao) "Kougou no Tsutome" ver.

I may cosplay Ayaki Nao's version of Der Tod from "Elisabeth" at some point too~


Fuyucon 2009: Hitachiin Kaoru, Niigaki Risa, Sohma Yuki
Grand Cosplay Ball: Der Tod (Jun Sena ver.) from the Takarazuka Tsukigumi 2009 musical "Elisabeth"
04 Oct 2009 - 16:5320513
I'll be doing atleast one... as you already know...

Still not sure what yet.

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