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04 Oct 2009 - 09:1420497
Selling DS games
I'm looking to make a little money and am selling 3 DS games

Zoo Tycoon DS- create your own zoo- very similar to the pc game so fans of the game will enjoy- I enjoyed it but I don't play on it anymore-

some levels are completed and some cards collected but as with the pc verson levels can be replayed and doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the game

Hotel Gaint DS- Your the manager of a simple hotel, as you progress you manage large better hotels all the way to 5 star- challenging game which is really fun

has been completed however starting a new game overwrites old game

Sim Animals DS- similiar to the other sims game Sim Animals lets you control a forest area and the animals in it as you complete goals and enter new areas of the forest

has an unfinished game on it- but saving a new game will overwrite it

all games are being sold at £8 each and come in their originally boxes with their booklets

anyone intrested?

In the words of pilz-e the squirel- "Run from the burning eyes of the angry lady!"
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