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24 Sep 2009 - 17:2720148
Another costume, another wig problem...
I need a little help with a wig for this costume. Been asking alot about this one huh?


Besides picking on up (I really not sure what kind to buy on this one), I'm not sure of what of what to use to style it with. In May things went a little wrong and I had wig hair in my mouth.

24 Sep 2009 - 19:0420153
Can't you get a mid lenght bob type wig since that wig is more face hugging or something then just use a lot of hair spray?


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24 Sep 2009 - 19:3820158
The hair spray was the problem. It just didn't hold.

24 Sep 2009 - 19:4420159
Well I'm not an expert on hairs and hair spray but how about trying a form of mold so you have places to stick your hair in, wires maybe? Just a suggestion but a stronger hair spray is all I can think of ._.

24 Sep 2009 - 23:3320164
I often style hair (both real hair and wigs) using Garnier Fructis "manga head" putty, followed by hairspray by a brand called PINK which can be found in Sally's or most Afro-Caribbean hair product shops.

For each section you want to curl upwards, use just a little bit of putty, it's more important to spread it thoroughly to make sure each strand has some, rather than drowning it in the stuff. Then, holding the hair the way you want it to end up, use lots of hairspray, followed by hairdryer. If you want the tips to be really pointy, use some more putty at the tips afterwards to "glue" strands together.

It takes a while to do the whole head but it works - and it ends up almost waterproof. My Hitsugaya hair was done that way. After going home, I put my head under the shower and water just ran off it. The hair didn't even move. XD But it'll wash out with normal shampoo. I've done this on wigs too and it washed out just fine.

25 Sep 2009 - 01:0820167
I would never recommend using putty, gel or wax on ANY wig since this is more then likely to gam up you wig. Such products are designed to work with the natural oils in your own hair and have alot of conditioner and all kind of junk in it.

I recomend treseme freeze hold since tha stuff is sturdy like hell and using a hairdryer allows it to dry faster and bends the wig shape a little. Obviously not recomended to use for long periods of time on a wig nor at a high heat since it can make the wig fibres over heat and bend horrifically.

if you are having trouble with the ends then use a bit of pva or something. But Treseme has kept the spikes of my Zack wig in place by itself so it should be okay.


27 Sep 2009 - 14:4820268
I'm just wondering if would something like this work:

Or would it should I use something straighter? like this:

I'm really not sure. Also, I'm not very good with wigs.

27 Sep 2009 - 19:1120276
If you want to go for individual spikes the I highly recommend manga head. I rarely use anything else (if I use something different it's PVA) and have never had a single problem with it. I wouldn't recommend PVA for this job however as it does dry with more of a shine than manga head does (Manga head dries completely matte). I would go for a wig like the vocaloid wig, for spikes I always prefer to use fluffy fur-like wigs. They're generally thicker and take spikes much better. The Roxas wig I did earlier in the year was done using a similar wig so you can see what kind of effect it gives.

If you wanted something less styled then I'd go for the flat wig and maybe just heat style it. If you want use a bit of hairspray to keep it in place, but I personally hate using the stuff for styling and have never gotten on well with it. I don't recommend trying to do the full style with this kind of wig however, it's doesn't spike nearly as well.

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