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23 Sep 2009 - 20:4820105
Selling 1 manga and 2 DS games
Have no need for these anymore, and thought, why not sell them here.

Air Gear Volume 1: read once, no bends in spine
Fullmetal Alchemist DS Game (Dual Sympathy, follows the story of the first anime): almost played to completion, great condition
Drawn to Life (though I realise it has nothing to do with manga or anime): barely played so great condition

£3 for manga
£8 for games (each, not together)
or best offer =)

That not including postage, I haven't worked out how much that is, will do soon!
I will be at the OctExpo though, both days, so am happy to give it you then

All three
Inside game cases

Any interest? =)

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