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19 Sep 2009 - 01:5519836
Well, obviously I'm new to both here and cosplaying in general. Also, a big apology to xWestie for having a dangerously close screen name. I should have hunted for this name first.

I had a friend implant the idea in my head a while ago, and thanks to her, it's something that's been festering inside my head for a while and just recently burst to the surface.

I haven't had a chance to attend any cons yet, simply due to either not being able to afford them or not being able to get there. I hope to change that next year.

19 Sep 2009 - 04:2619837
Not planning on attending anything recent?

19 Sep 2009 - 08:5219839
Hi Jojo,

There were a couple of events in Brisbane today, but I didn't end up going. I'm going to take the time to try and locate some groups around the area I live in so I can try to go with a group of people.

Also, I don't think the 'generic bodyguard' would be all that good.

19 Sep 2009 - 17:2219859
Well, won't this be confusing, haha c:

Nice to meet you though~ ^^ haha, we should be shadow clones or something |D -shot-

19 Sep 2009 - 21:0519866
Hi and welcome to Cosplay Island!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

20 Sep 2009 - 12:3119877
xWestie, that idea could prove rather interesting.

20 Sep 2009 - 15:1519878
Hi everyone, I'm new. =]

20 Sep 2009 - 19:0519886
Indeed it would Westie =P

And welcome Grog ^^

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