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26 Jan 2008 - 19:541446
im really stuck need help finding some buckles?
hello im find it all most imposible to find these dan buckles i need for my haseo cosplay. im look for square buckles at size 2ichs by 2ichs and i cant find any, any where please help if you no of any site i can get them from of if you can make them for me please post here.

here picy it the one on his cheast and neck im trying to get ^_^

thank you


27 Jan 2008 - 13:411448
I know how you feel, I think buckles have always been the most annoying part to get hold of for most of my costumes! I haven't found a seller in the UK that does decent sized buckles in large quantities, I've mostly bought little bundles off ebay in various sizes.

I came across this ebay site the other week though (sods law, at a time when I dont need any buckles at all for costumes!) and it seems pretty good. Unfortunately they largest they seem to have was 1 3/4" ones. Might be useful in future though, or for the smaller buckles on his outfit if you haven't got them yet

28 Jan 2008 - 00:511450

in her awesomeness baked me some buckles out of Fimo and they look coolio

Her brownies are nice too

Using Fimo is not too expensive and its great for getting some unusual sizes and designs

28 Jan 2008 - 14:521455
I was fabric shopping at lunch and tried the shops in Brighton, but no luck I'm afraid.

I'd go with MangaChild's suggestion and use fimo (or something along those lines) especially if you want them all to look the same. Fimo comes in metallic colours these days anyway so there won't be any need to paint, and you can always go for a coat of pva/sealant etc if you want that shiny look!

There is always room for cake
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