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17 Sep 2009 - 21:5019779
(Commissons) - Just wondering how many people would be interested
Hello there.
I was wondering how many people would be interested if I opened commissions for Making Kingdom Hearts Weapons?

So far I have made

Axels Chakrams = http://oblivionornot.deviantart.com/art/Axel-Burn-Baby-135552138
Rikus KH1 Keyblade - http://cosplayisland.com/files/costumes/1040/6559/DSC03444.JPG
Xaldin's Lance - http://oblivionornot.deviantart.com/art/Xaldin-The-new-schemer-134192040
Marluxia's Scythe - http://darkiekun.deviantart.com/art/Marluxia-and-his-Scythe-124766882
Larxene's Kunais - http://cosplayisland.com/files/costumes/1040/6577/DSC04576.JPG
Zexions lexicon - http://darkiekun.deviantart.com/art/Reading-the-book-130861849

and i am in the progress of making

Demyx's sitar -http://cosplayisland.com/files/costumes/1040/6186/DSC07750.JPG
Xigbar guns
Clouds Buster sword
Vexens sheild

I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I was taking commissions and if people could give me a rough idea how much people would pay for them?

Thanks for your time

21 Sep 2009 - 13:3219905
Uhh corret me if I'm wrong, but are your Larxene Kunai just painted Naruto kunai?

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