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17 Sep 2009 - 15:5819752
Moshi moshi mina ^^
Hihi ^^ I'm from Singapore and will be coming to London to study =3 I'm really looking forward to it ^^ I've heard nothing but good things about the UK cosplay scene on the whole =3 Not quite sure which costumes to bring since I don't have any friends in the UK cosplaying scene yet and don't have any cosplays planned =( Maybe I'll just wear lolita first..^^

Hm...a bit about myself.. I love reading shoujo manga~ Have a tendency to cosplay short characters since I myself am...quite...okay very short ^^;

Cosplays I want to do:

Currently I REALLY want to cosplay Hani Honey from Ouran but no one in Singapore wants to do Ouran anymore =(( So it's no fun =(. -a bit sad-
La Corda->Either Kahoko or Len since I play the violin...well preferably Kahoko. I'm really too short for Len. But I'll be doing him for cosfest in Singapore next year =3
Negima-> EVANGELINE. <3 ^^ She's so so awesome <3 And I love doll fetishes. <3 An alternative would be Asakura...I really take to her personality =3

<3 above all? I love bunnies. they're so so cute. What makes me happier is the thought of them lyse.....

17 Sep 2009 - 16:1919753

Michy and I have been organizing a La Corda group for a while now (although it seems to be failing a bit, orz). Your welcome to join our group if you like, at the moment it seems to be postponed for a while until our fellow musicians have more funds to get to a con we're all gathered at buuuut we can still casually cosplay from it 8D *really wants a group musical performance *o* *

You have good cosplay choices, hurrr. Ouran is still pretty popular here in the UK, so you'll easily find a group to join. Negima however, it's cosplayed every now and then. But I've never seen a HUGE group before!

Lastly, welcome to Cosplay Island!
I'm sorry if I've scared you off with my fanspazm about La Corda. I'm not always a loon, honest!

17 Sep 2009 - 16:2619755
^^ I wouldn't mind =3 The cosplay group in Singapore is gathering cosplayers based on skill level.. Though our kahoko really needs work. I managed to squeeze in one lesson before I leave =3 I'd like to do Kahoko if it's still open though...or i'll just do a kid version of len. XP I know height's not so important in cosplay...but relativity..... my kaho's taller than me!!! >_<!!!! -dies-

Haha! =3 I'm quite open about different cosplays ^^ i happen to have a lovely vampire knight outfit I got from Japan =3 I just saw it and couldn't resist buying it...though I'm not a huge fan of vampire knights myself -__-||| It's so sad.

Oh...cosplay ideas.. <3 gosh in Singapore kuroshitsuji and hetalia are the current craze. This year at cosfest there were...3 different kuroshitsuji groups and I think 3-5 HUGE hetalia groups o_o it was crazy XD. But i guess we catch onto new crazes really fast? and old crazes just die out -droops- i really really like ouran!! and negima just never caught on here =X I went as yuna from negima one year =x practically no one recognized me =x

17 Sep 2009 - 17:3819757

I loooove Ouran High School Host Club too! I'm currently working on a Kyoya Ootori cosplay,so if you need a ouran cosplay buddy, i'm here! I love Hunny too, if i were short enough i'd love to cosplay him, he's so cute!!!!

Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia are gaining popularity in England too, so i reckon there will be quite a few of those groups.

p.s Welcome to England!

18 Sep 2009 - 01:5319793
Oh yay!!! <3 Then maybe I should pack my ouran costume with me... ^^..I need to get Hani-sempai's wig still.. Aaa I really want a mori-sempai. >.< I've got a friend here who's a perfect height but he absolutely REFUSES to cosplay!!!! how infuriating. >.>...

Chiyoko-chan~ Where do you stay anyway? <3 Maybe we could form an ouran group for one of the events ^^

18 Sep 2009 - 15:5219809
I'd love to form an ouran group!
It would be fantastic to have a mori-senpai It's hard to find someone as tall as mori and even harder to convince them to cosplay. I hope you can convince your friend to be Mori!
I'm near northampton, which is about an hours train journey to London and I go up to london quite alot.
I'll send you a private message

19 Sep 2009 - 13:0319852
Aww, our La Corda group is pretty much just based on who plays what instrument loool! It was hard enough getting the musicians xD;
We're all somewhere between Grade 4-8 standard. I'm the Kahoko buuut I don't mind if there's a duplicate : D Any La Corda madness would be fun!

Height shouldn't matter too much. In all honesty I think we're all short (apart from Kaji lolol) xD

19 Sep 2009 - 21:0419865
Hi and welcome to Cosplay Island!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

20 Sep 2009 - 05:2519870
Haha I know height isn't an issue. It just looks...so retarded when my kahoko is at least half a head-a head taller than me.....T___T..... We also selected based on playing ability....And to be honest, I think our kaho should do ryotaro..she's good on the piano. But her violin sounds like nails on the board and it was a...grade1-2 song >.<....I wound up sitting there making her play open strings for better bow control... haha.

Ohhhh how short is short here anyway? I'm 156cm....5'1 in conversion.... ^^...all my friends are taller than me ;__; so I'm constantly in heels.

Thanks for the welcome sjbonnar!!! =3

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