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14 Sep 2009 - 13:4319626
Use of photographs
I joined the site a long time ago, but decided to update it recently.

I was looking at the nice cosplayisland banner at the top of the screen with the washed-out photographs incorporated. I like the way they change with each reload.

And then I notice a Final Fantasy VII group. It's a very familiar group. Indeed, it's a very familiar photo, because *I* took it.

I don't mind particularly, but could you guys not have ASKED to use my photography?

(This is the image in question http://cosplayisland.co.uk/sites/all/themes/cosplayisland/images/CI-BarBackgroundWide-03.png )

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15 Sep 2009 - 14:5719656
i'm not usually this quick to jump on people, but let me get this straight.

you're complaining that a website that allows free upload space and a very clean portfolio interface, also totally free, has commited a sleight against you by using a photo you took to be representive of their website?

no offence, i have a degree in design photography, and i'd be honoured to see my photography supporting the site whether they asked or not.

15 Sep 2009 - 17:1019667
As I said, I don't particularly mind, but I would've liked to at least have been asked. Can't see that being so unreasonable.

I didn't even find out it had happened until, evidently, several months later.

It would be a different story if I'd uploaded that photo to this site. But I didn't.

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15 Sep 2009 - 17:4219673
Hi Adziu,

Sorry that I didn't personally ask you - when sourcing the images for the top banner I asked the members who uploaded the images to Cosplay Island permission to use them (and if available, the photographer too, but that was a rare piece of information!) as they are for non-profit and it's not really advertising. It was aimed as something nice for our members to see when they visited the site, by using the already uploaded content.

We will change the way that we source these images in future as to not offend anyone

The image has now been removed, although some users will have the image cached - it will drop off the site soon.

15 Sep 2009 - 18:0019678
^_^ That's all I wanted to hear, thankee. You didn't have to remove it.

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