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09 Sep 2009 - 13:4719469
selling: Briareos
For sale: award winning costume!

I'm running out of space, and need to shift atleast one of my armours. after much consideration I've chosen to part with Briareos. this is the same costume that went on to win 2nd place saturday MCM masquerade in May.

What you get:

1 thermoform "head" with hand glazed, hand timted CR39 lenses. the ears are attached with nuts and completly removable for transport.

1 set of lightweight foam armour, including gloves with seperate fingers, vambraces, main body armour, shoes and greaves. the shoes are modeled around my size 11 feet, but i'm fairly sure that with a bit of tweaking they will fit anyone around the size 8-13 mark.

1 rifle. nuff said.

the foam armour does require a little (very easy) attention. mainly, it needs to be partially relatexed in a few places, but that's a really simple job.

the armour is VERY versatile and can take a lot of punishment. i fell over in my Al suit (which is made the same way) and caused no damage what so ever to the armour or myself. the head is a little more delicate because of the lenses.

i'll also throw in my remaining anti fog lens wipes, which prevent the main viewing port from fogging up. these wipes are fairly cheap and easily found on ebay. one wipe is usually enough to last a day + .

now.... price. this baby cost me a fair penny to make, so i'm unsure yet what i'll accept for it, so i'm slapping an RRNTS on this and i'll start accepting offers. i'll run it like an auction for say... 14 days?

PLEASE MAKE ANY OFFERS PRIVATLEY send me a message over PM, or if you have me on MSN, poke me there.

any questions regarding the costume will be dealt with in this thread.

collection/mailing of the costume is the buyer's responsibility. i can offer to bring the whole thing to a con/expo that i'm attending, cutting back on expenses, but make sure you are able to transport the whole suit home!

as said above, i'm reserving the right not to sell, but as long as offers reach a reasonable level, i'll be glad to sell!

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