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09 Sep 2009 - 12:5919467
Phoenix Wright group - Sunday October Expo 2009!!!
Heyloo everyone!

Most of you know this group from the MCM forums, but since some don't go on there, I thought I should advertise here as well!

We're hoping to put on a skit on Sunday's masq!

We're also having a photoshoot/fun time during the morning so anyone who wants to cosplay as a PW character anyway and meet us, that'd be good too!

Here are the characters we have so far: (* shows that character is in skit)

*Phoenix Wright (lawyer suit) - Me
*Larry ("Laurice" version) - NezzyTensai's cousin (MCM)
*Mia Fey - picklesofdoom
*Maya Fey - Hanzors (on MCM forums)
*Franziska von Karma - MrsKurogane (MCM)
*Ema Skye - Loxes (MCM)
Klavier Gavin - Connor1426 (MCM)
*Dahlia Hawthorne - Kitti (MCM)
Iris Hawthorne - Kitti's sister (MCM)
*Detective Dick Gumshoe - The man we call Ed
Dee Vasque - TheMasqueradeMoth's mum (maybe Saturday) (MCM)
Possibly Lotta Hart (Franzy's friend)
Young Feenie - Lunas-Moon-DA (Franzy on the Saturday) (MCM)

Freyarule xx


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29 Sep 2009 - 08:4020304
Thread bumpage D:

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