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08 Sep 2009 - 17:4919437
Continental photographer takes bookings for MCM Expo London
The october MCM will be my third visit to this London event
(and the 21st cosplay convention spread over 5 countries attended in 2009)
and now that i've seen how London works,
i'm taking some time off from the pure event coverage,
to do some eye-catching shoots.

I read here that bookings are the way things work... so... voila.
5£ per person (in group or solo) seems reasonable as a test.
- preferably on sunday...
- or even on friday late afternoon... ( once i'm back from the British Museum)
- i might take 1 or max 2 bookings on saturday... (if it's something exceptional since i'll be very busy that day.)

I'm not taking too many bookings since i don't like watching the clock... i prefer to shoot till i've got the image i want.

But are you worth it,
you must surely ask...
Check my DA: http://redcathedral.deviantart.com/
Or my coscom gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/m58506/
Or Aztek-TV for whom ill be over there: http://www.aztek-tv.com
Or a sample of "private shoots" in a remote corner during an event: http://animansion.aztek-tv.com

And yes... i am a foreigner and yes, i love your whiskeys...

I rest my case...
PM when interested.

And if it works out... i'll be back in may.

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Personal: http://redcathedral.deviantart.com
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