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06 Sep 2009 - 22:5419359
Heroes Alliance UK. - Costume Charity Group, UK wide - Trying to brighten the lives of sick kids.
Hi everyone,

I'm new here but was directed here by a costuming associate of mine.

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible, no-one likes a rambling intro.....

I'm founder (and council member) for a non-profit organisation of costumers who like to attend community events / hospital wards etc to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, and generally brighten the lives of sick kids.



All of our members are costumers / volunteers.

We will soon be starting our first hospital visits, where we will arrange for 'Batman' or 'Wonder Woman' etc to visit sick kids in hospitals and also appear at public events to raise money for charity.

I'd like to extend an open invitation to everyonw here who feels as though they'd like to be a part of it. We already have several 501st members, and a few members here are already part of our ranks.

We're mainly comic / sci-fi costume focused, but feel free to get in touch, as we need all the volunteers we can get.

The group is going to be run on a very informal basis.....basically, if we are asked to attend a hospital / event, we'll put the message out, if you're free and want to come along, great, but no pressure (costuming is supposed to be fun right?)

Anywho.....check us out, PM me if you have any questions..I look forward to being around here more......I gotta get back to uploading my costume pics.....catch you all later.....

Mixing beer and spandex since 2006...

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