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05 Sep 2009 - 17:3119297
Making this thinner...
Ok so my Raiden cosplay has 6 days left to complete, but Iv'e hit a problem D:

Basically, I have like, a full body suit type thing (you can see on my profile) but the problem is, it's really baggy, (I had to use this because I'm a cheapass and couldnt afford a proper suit) so my question is, anyone know how to make it tighter without wrecking it?
As a subsitute for now, I've bunched up the back of the legs and just sewn it, but if theres a better way, please share

- KrEid

- KrEid - www.clayos.co.uk
05 Sep 2009 - 20:0619299
hey there!

if it was me, I would actually flip the body suit inside out, wear it and zip it up and then using pins, pin up the fabric until its as your tightness, and then get out of the body suit and stitch on the fabric you have actually pined, this should make it curve around your body better 83

I have dont this to my kadaj, yazoo and sonia costumes so that their are body tight but not too tight so that they will rip 83

I hope this helps you 83



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05 Sep 2009 - 20:4819303
Yeah brilliant thanks
I'll be sure to give this a shot

- KrEid - www.clayos.co.uk
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