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29 Jul 2007 - 23:0753
Previously on 24!
Greetings to you!

I am PrincessMark, or PrinceMark (if your a Cosplay.Com lurker! XD)

I have been cosplaying for 5 years or so now, although only three of those 5 were me making the costumes myself. Good ole mum helped on the other 2

After Amecon I will be plunging into my role as the Forum Admin around here and hope to achieve lots!

Let's all pull together and really be proud of our UK talent! Great work everybody!

I look forward to seeing all your work to come!

~ Mark ~

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
31 Jul 2007 - 04:0163
Yeah, after Amecon you'll get off your bum and do some work around here, I'll have no slacking!

...and trust you to bring Jack into your post somewhere...

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