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03 Sep 2009 - 08:1319212
Haruhi Suzumiya Skirt
My friend has given me a Haruhi costume (Shes going to stop cosplaying ) and though some parts fit me and would be possible for me to cosplay with- The skirt is unfortunately too small, so she basically said do what you want with it. Its size 16 I believe, and is in pretty good condition- the stitching looks to have come undone on one part of it (one of the pleats), but this looks like it could be easily repaired, and even if not repaired,is barely noticable from my point of view, but I'll leave you to decide- my sewing skills are atrocious so I wouldn't want to ruin it by trying to fix it myself lol. It has a zipper on the back.

Its the skirt from the standard female school uniform that haruhi wears, so would work if cosplaying one of her friends also:
Reference Pic Here

Will post pics when I can,probably later today... Asking erm, I dunno... £5, maybe? Feel free to offer.

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