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30 Aug 2009 - 23:5819032
Muscles and spandex (Batman)
Hey everyone,I know this isn't Anime or Manga related but I figured someone on here may be able to help. Lately I've been considering making a comic book Batman outfit (Probably The Dark Knight Returns) but I'm going to run into a few problems, mainly height and muscle. I'm around 5"7/8 and pretty slim, and I want to attempt this character who's, well, over 6 foot and exceedingly muscular.

So with the muscles, I'd likely use a spandex suit (open to ideas!)as a base, does anyone have any ideas on adding some bulk in a realistic way, maybe with padding or any techniques you know!

I was thinking of adding some height with boots which I'd make, maybe just a couple of inches so it doesn't look ridiculous, again if anyone has any experience with this your help would be appreciated!

Oh and the last thing is the mask, I haven't been able to find much help on full face masks, any ideas on material or construction? I figured something stretchy in a sock pattern.


31 Aug 2009 - 15:1019049
I don't have any links handy, but I know there are tutorials out there on the 'net that talk about muscle padding in a suit. I've done it to a small extent with inch-thick sheets of squishy upholstery foam and quilting in the muscle lines (ie sewing over the fabric and through the foam).

I'd say that you don't want to go too overboard, as it risks looking baggy and unrealistic, but adding some definition can make a lot of difference.

As for height, there's not a great deal. I've used heel lifts, but they only added about an inch and weren't terribly comfortable in boots as they pushed my foot upwards into the boot fabric and squashed it. You can sometimes get away with *small* platforms, but again you have to be careful not to overdo it or it can look very odd.

For a character like Batman, I'd say you can probably give a greater impression of height with the way you hold yourself. Stand very straight, shoulders back, legs fairly wide aparts, and you'll look more intimidating.

31 Aug 2009 - 15:2719051
Yeah that's what I was looking for, using minimal padding to make more of a definition that show bulk like that. I mean we've all seen those padded costume shop superhero outfits, too much padding can look terrible.

When it comes to stitching padding in I considered an outfit not too dissimilar to the new Arkham Asylum game Batman.

Even though his suit is armoured, the defined lines in the outfit would work well to the disguise padding?

And yeah I think that's a good idea, maybe platforms to add a little height, then hopefully posture will work in my advantage.

31 Aug 2009 - 18:1519053
When i was looking to make a Muscle suit i looke on a lot of furry building sites

they make a Zentai suit and glue shaped upholstery foam to give themselves the shape or muscle structure of that animal,

The same can be applied to over muscled super heroes

Best examples on cosplay are Ubernerds Vegeta Grayskulls Earthworm Jim its worth looking them up for ideas

31 Aug 2009 - 18:2619054
Ooh, I was looking into this for my Gambit costume - I've heard someone say they got one of those "male muscle chests" from a fancy dress shop (thin plastic ones) and then put a thin layer of foam between that and the outer fabric, then followed the lines and sewn what muscles they want in.

I was going to look into this method, so I have no idea if it works or not as yet! Good luck!

31 Aug 2009 - 21:5619062

follow and adapt guidelines to make undersuit, cover with appropriate spandex suit.


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01 Sep 2009 - 18:0419099
Thanks for all the replies! I should have enough to go on now. : )

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