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27 Aug 2009 - 08:5918821
Cosplay and height.
Ok something has been bugging me over the two years of cosplay.

I know this has been done but I cant find the thingy for it.

But....what is it with peoeple and height? And even weight. I mean.....does it really matter? Me and my friend have had many talks on this and every time I have blown my top over it lol.

I'm not skinny, rather big if you ask me, and I'm only five foot two or so. But I remember doing L from death note and well....some hurtful things were said and the same with my Sheena costume.

But.....if someone is big, or small they can do what they want right?

27 Aug 2009 - 09:3918823
I saw a topic about this already, but I'll post here anyway..

I agree, you should be able to cosplay anyone you want without getting horrible remarks. I think how acccurate your costume looks is more important than your build.

I'm not particularly tall [As my best friends love reminding me], only 5'4", but most the people I want to cosplay are a fair bit taller... but I don't see why that should stop me really.

Sometimes people can't help how they look, so it's unfair to say they can't coplay someone just based on that.. =/

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27 Aug 2009 - 10:5918824
Said topic is here The issue is discussed in some detail there. ^^ (Generally it seems to be 'Do whatever you want! Cosplay is for fun afterall!' )

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