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10 Jan 2008 - 01:111365
Manga in the UK - Dissertation Questionnaire
Hey there, if you live in the UK and read manga, then could you do a fellow cosplayer a favour and fill in this questionnaire?

I'm in the final year of my university course, and my dissertation (which will effectively decide the level of honours I get when I graduate) is 'Manga in the UK Market Over the Last Ten Years'.

However, in order to get the data I need to complete it, I need as many people as possible to fill in this questionnaire. It'll only take you a few minutes and it would really help me out if you could.


It will be coming down at the beginning of March so please don't put it off.

Thanks in advance.


10 Jan 2008 - 09:431366
Hey, just attempted to take it but when I was got up to question 8, even though I had already answered it, it said it required an answer? It wouldn't let me go onto the next page, so I couldn't complete it =(

10 Jan 2008 - 12:101367
This has been mentioned before, and I think its got an issue with multiple choice questions. I've edited the question to say only pick 3, so are you picking more than 3 choices? I don't think it lets you through if you have.

10 Jan 2008 - 15:071368
Ah right okay. =) Done the questionnaire for you now. ^^

21 Jan 2008 - 19:581438
Survey completed for you.

I just picked up a shipment from Amazon today. *Squees*

25 Jan 2008 - 17:091444
Filled it in. Hope it helps ^_^ Good luck!

08 Jul 2008 - 08:104467
Thought I'd let you all know my results are in, and that I got an A for my dissertation (takes moment to jump around in joy). Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey, you were UNBELIEVABLY helpful.

09 Jul 2008 - 07:424498
Go you! Congratulations

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