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18 Aug 2009 - 16:2818473
Hiya ^^
Hi, I just realised I never made an account on cosplayisland... so here I am xD

I'm yukihotaru and is from Newcastle. Generally I've been cross-playing as guys but I try to do girls too.

I've got quite into making my costumes this year even with the amount of problems, so definately going to working on a lot more cosplays. So far I've only been to Ame08 and Aya Rev 09, dressed as: Lukia Cromwell (Godchild) Misa (Death note) Raenef V (Demon Diary) Suzaku Kururugi/Knight of Seven (Code Geass R1&R2)

It's nice to meet everyone and hopefully this way I'll be more motivated to start and finish my costumes!

23 Aug 2009 - 10:5418652

I just signed up here too, although sounds like you've being doing this awhile and are just new to this site (Where as I'm totally new to this lol).

I'll have to check out what your wore to AyaCon 09 once I've posted this. I gotta admit it was some of the pics coming back that con that convinced me to sign up.

Well see you round

10 Aug 2010 - 12:5938417
Heyy, I live in Newcastle too, if you're talking about Newcastle-upon-Tyne?

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