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17 Aug 2009 - 13:1218425
Where can I get reasonably priced Tokyo Mew Mew costumes?
So I'm doing a photoshoot and the photographer wants me dressed as Ichigo from TMM but we don't have the costume yet. She doesn't have a huge budget so we're looking for cheaper stuff as a lot of costumes are over priced.
Any ideas?
Please message me, I tend to lose track of threads ^^

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18 Aug 2009 - 11:0818459
Ive had a look at the cosplay

for me to make this it would cost £70 (That is Cheap)
This is for:
Neck garter
Leg Garter

Boots will cost and additional £20

You can't say that most cosplays are over priced because of the work that is put into them. The trouble is everyone expects to get everything dirt cheap now but you cant expect people to work for £1.00 an hour in our country.

I can make the costume cheaper if you get your own ears and tail.

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20 Aug 2009 - 17:3418555
Hmm, I would advise against buying an already made costume. My friend bought an Ichigo costume from a supposedly trustworthy ebay shop, but when it turned up, it fit her, but the back drooped down and needed a lot of altering to make it look less ridiculous.

I think she spent around £50 on it, but it did come with the ears, garter, tail, and arm bands. Though to be honest, they weren't all that great in quality.

It might just be cheaper to make the costume.

28 Aug 2009 - 12:3318892
It dependes on what variant you need, really!
I used the website moon costumes when I ordered her maid's outfit. It cost me about £45 for all of it which is really reasonable I think, and they have her Mew Mew outfit, too.

The only problem is exchange rates right now are terrible. When I ordered it was $2 to £1, so I paid like, half, but right now it's... *checks exchange calculator* $1.6 to £1, boooo!

Which means it'd work out to about £74, so not much cheaper, but they are good quality. :S

Here's the link, anyways http://www.mooncostumes.com/item/18104

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