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15 Aug 2009 - 20:1918386
Zhen Ji DW3 - Advice On Fabric Choices Help!
Costume Here -
Reference On That Page.
Basically really need adice on what type of fabric to use for the gold parts of her costume. Theres the obvious choice of satin and using ribbon for the detailing but from my experience of my xing cai costume, ribbon is not always the easiest thing to create curves with and satin is horrible to sew and frays everywhere. I used interfacing once on xing cai with the satin to do a pattern on the back but it still frayed after a while, it also is hard to get satin the same colour as the ribbon i was using (only slight difference in colour but im picky.)

Im making the base dress out of blue crushed velvet and was wondering if using a gold velvet would maybe work?. It would be time consuming to cut out and can be a problem as it rolls easily but at least it wouldnt fray but i also love to vartiate in the fabrics on a costume and i dont want it to end up looking tacky so...
after my big rant any ideas on another material?...
Thank you so much for any adice you have.

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