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11 Aug 2009 - 14:3618308
I'm setting up a cosplay picnic in Heaton park Manchester on SATURDAY the 15TH OF AUGUST. (next Saturday) depending on weather.

all we ask is that you bring yourself and if you could bring some picnic food (crisps sandwiches pop etc) and some speakers for mp3 players or phones so we can have some music for the games.

We are meeting up at PICADILLY TRAIN STATION AT 11 AM - 12AM then we will be taking busses/trams to the park from Manchester. it being a cosplay picnic it would be good if you came in cosplay but not mandatory.

Anyone welcome weather your fur, cosplay or just interested in what we do, come along no age limits and as many people as possible ^^.

I’ve said this on my other threads related to this,we are not responsible for your possessionsso please take care of them and keep eye on them and if you find any lost possessions’ come to me and ill try to return them to there owners thank you.

in terms of music anime orientated or j- pop/rock would be preferred but no limits (within reason) please be aware that you will be in a public place with small children and families walking round. in terms of games we will be having things like twister, tug of war, limbo, musical statues etc. We will be awarding prizes such as pocky and j sweets for the winners.

This is just about having fun ^^ so please try and make it if you can, if the weather is looking bad I will update immediately.

if you wish to keep in contact or help just talk to me by either commenting or adding me please say who you are and what you wish to do. Thankyou x

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