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09 Aug 2009 - 23:2818267
Charity Cosplay Bring & Buy @ Aya
All cosplayers have left over fabric from when you bought too much, the pile of fabric you bought for *some* reason but can't quite remember....That wig you *thought* looked spot on, but was really ...really not what you wanted. Well! If you are attending Aya here's your chance to have a cosplay clear-out and contribute to a great cause.

At Aya there will be a Charity Cosplay Bring & Buy in the Cosplay HQ - where you can donate your leftover fabric or cosplay related items and look for bargains. All proceeds from this will go to the Aya chosen charity.

All you need to do is drop off your fabric or cosplay items on the Friday to the Cosplay HQ - they will even be priced up for you (everything will be set at a low price - so make sure you go and check out the bargains!)

The chosen charity this year for Aya has a deeper meaning than normal - in memory of Ewan Chrystal (former Aya and Minami treasurer) who was sadly lost earlier this year, they have chosen the British Heart Foundation. Here, us cosplayers can do our bit and see if we can raise a good sum for them

If you have any questions, fire away here or email

(I've also chucked this on the Aya forums, so sorry if people have read this twice!)

10 Aug 2009 - 20:0818289
Just as an update to this!

To get into the spirit of things, the organisers of the Grand International Cosplay Ball have been exceedingly generous and donated two pairs of tickets to us for this.

Anyone who donates items or buys anything from the charity cosplay bring & buy will be entered in a prize draw - the two lucky people chosen will get a pair of tickets each to this year's ball!

Just a little bit of extra incentive for you to hunt out those rolls of fabric

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11 Aug 2009 - 09:3818301
:o You didn't tell me there were free tickets involved!

*Empties her fabric cupboard*

I know our hobby makes us hoarders, but this is a really lovely idea and for a good cause. Now those Aya costumes are finished you can bring the leftovers

11 Aug 2009 - 10:4518304
Right, time to empty those 4 storage boxes of fabric....

There is always room for cake
12 Aug 2009 - 13:2918328
Quote GunstarVixen:
Right, time to empty those 4 storage boxes of fabric....

That's exactly what I want to hear

I know it's hard to fit extra stuff on top of costumes, clothes, and the kitchen sink - but if everyone brings something we'll raise a really good sum for them

12 Aug 2009 - 13:3018329
I have looooads of left over fabric that I could bring. I'll try and pack what I can in with my seven cosplays...^^;; Either way I'll be stopping by anyway to see what's up for grabs! (I never learn obviously.)

12 Aug 2009 - 18:1418337
Just a heads up for anyone interested in kitty ears etc, I'm throwing two huge bags of various coloured/patterned fur on here. They've been in the cupboard so long I know I won't use them.

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