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09 Aug 2009 - 21:5018266
Calling all photographers!
Times have changed since the conventions of past - no longer are there only a few people walking around with an old film camera, snapping random passing shots in a hotel corridor. Cosplay photography has exploded in the last few years, with people going semi-professional and walking around with equipment the price of a small mortgage.

As such we're trying to do something for the photographers as well as the cosplayers at Ayacon!

Firstly, for those attending Aya we have a dedicated area set up in the Cosplay HQ just for photography. This is your chance to try out a studio set up - with professional backgrounds and lighting (extra equipment subject to times.) We have two photographers to hand over the weekend who will be supervising the area, and can give training and hints.

If you are interested in booking a slot, or having training with the equipment please drop an email through to and we'll arrange times. (Please note, that without prior agreement from our photography staff - you will not be able to use the additional lighting or flash equipment, but can use the area/backdrops, etc)

Secondly! For any photographer (regardless of whether you are attending Aya or not!)

Do you normally take bookings for shoots around conventions? We're offering the chance to advertise in the Cosplay HQ, all you need to do is submit the following to by Tuesday 11th:

* Your photographer name, or badge name (whichever you would prefer)
* Email address
* Website (if you have one!)
* A short description (150 words max) about yourself, perhaps your photography style, the conventions you go to, where you are based, do you take private photo shoots, etc.
* approx 8 - 10 photos of people in cosplay that you have taken.

If you have any questions about the above, please reply here or PM me

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