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09 Aug 2009 - 16:5618244
i NEED help !!!!!
im cosplaying Ikuto Toma
from Shugo Chara! this October (2009)
for the London MCM Expo

im struggling to find a wig for it
it's a blue wig a bit like kaito's (Vocaloid)
can you guys recommend me
a good website ?

it's better if it's in £s
+ i don't want the shipping to cost too much

thak you ^_^

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09 Aug 2009 - 17:2618245
^ If you don't mind doing a bit of trimming then that wig is cheap enough~

They have a Kaito wig on Cosplay Wig but it's a bit too short for Ikuto, plus it's pricier.

09 Aug 2009 - 17:3518246
Thank you very much for your kindness!
and when you mentioned "Cosplay Wig", do you mean here ?


09 Aug 2009 - 17:3818247
Your welcome~

Aye, that's the place! I have a wig from there and it's brilliant quality, it's just a bit pricier than other places so I only really go there if I -really- need to.

09 Aug 2009 - 17:4218249
It's really hard to find things in England
that you really want which aren't too expensive
It's either they don't have it
or if they do it's expensive with quality that is
not crap but you know, it could be better with that price..
Not just cosplay, i mean like EVERYTHING
LOL ..

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