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09 Aug 2009 - 11:3518240
Wig Commission Service
Hey there peoples!

Since most of the wigs I own these days are hand styled by me I thought i'm getting pretty good at them compared to the first one i ever styled...... XD

I am opening a wig commissioning shop over DA and CI now.

I can go many wigs with time and care and the price is good value too.

If you supply your own wig base I will only charge you styling and that's cheep! unless its realllllllly complicated of course XD if you wish for me to buy a wig for me to style please rember this will be paid by you for it and i will requre your money first and this also will take longer.

I am willing to post anywhere in the UK but remember the postman might squish the wig if its anything like a Sora wig or something this can be annoying.

I am currently in Manchester and I can easily hand deliver these wigs if you are near by!

I enjoy styling and cutting wigs and seeing others in them. I take pride in all my work from Wigs to cosplays and my photography. I use expensive hair products and I am quite good at Axel wigs. (Well thats what someone told me...)

I am a big wig perfectionist I have to admit... I attack Zedela when her wigs arn't perfect and it gets on my nerves at times.

Remember that some times wigs just dont like going where you try and make them go. Some wigs just do as you want and sometimes no matter what you do to it they just hate you.

Please supply a few images of the character you wig for my to base a wig on and tell me everything!

Aka like this

Character : Sora
Will you require me to buy a wig for you for me to style it? (the base wig will be charged by you) : Yes
Image ref: (insert links here)
Any special requirements?: I have a large head, would like the back to be slightly longer than sora actually has it. but make it as close as the character as possible.
Deadline? : None but soon please XD
How would you like to receive the wig?: Post

From this i shall work out the timing and everything and reply with the total cost.

Every wig i do will have photos provided with before in between and after styling so you can be up to date

On DA please note me with your orders or email me at

On CI please PM me or email at

Thanks alot!


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