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07 Aug 2009 - 00:2018183
D. Gray Man Coat. For Sale. Update Photos. £25 with P&P
I'm now parting with my D.Gray Man coat i made ages ago as it is too big now and not something i want to hold onto as it is of no use.

The detail for it can be found in my Costume database, it is handmade and cost me around about £50 to make all in all, i am parting with it for £25 with P&P.

Sizes in Inches because i'm old school:

Neck 15 1/2
Chest 40
Waist 34
Hips 40
Arm 34
Length around about 70 something. i'm 5ft 8 and it stops at my ankles. Minus the height of my headto base of neck which is about 13 inches. So it's more or less 4 feet something. Can measure it if you like.

Comes with Allen Walker Necklace i bought and his badge. As well as the black ring he wears. With a Nice presentation box.

I can get better pictures if requested,

Let me know












Box *For Ring mainly but i put necklace in too*

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07 Aug 2009 - 01:0218184
Hey could you give some pictures please! ^^

07 Aug 2009 - 01:0818185
Sure i will get some better ones later today as it's packed away, but sure.


Venom. Pics on my costume database are crap to be honest. Will get decent ones today.

07 Aug 2009 - 21:1318203
updated with photos.

28 Sep 2009 - 21:2520295
I hope the coat hasn't been sold, because I'm beyond desparate to get a hold of an Allen coat -- for a D.Gray-Man group -- and eBay refuses to work for me.

I'd jue like to ask <D; How much is the P&P and how long will it take to deliver? I'll need it for October Expo.

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