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28 Dec 2007 - 15:101319
Does anyone have any tips or tricks on binding because I'm going to be cosplaying as a guy so I'd like a flat chest.
Does a sports bra work or would something elsework better? I'm totally clueless :S
Thanks for you time ^--^

28 Dec 2007 - 18:301320
It was inevitable that this thread would appear!

I've done my fair share of ftm crossplay, open and closed-shirt varieties, so I'm just going to give general tips on what I've personally found to work.

A sports bra on its own is unlikely to do the job unless you're an A-cup or less and the shirt is fairly loose-fitting.

Bandages, unless they're VERY wide and not too stretchy, are not particularly good. They slip about and all too often parts of the breast will squeeze their way out, in very strange shapes. It's easier to do over a sports bra as the bandages will slip less.

The best option, where it's not going to show, is a proper binder. These are available from www.t-kingdom.com and www.underworks.com among other sites, and can be very effective. I'm a D-cup and my Underworks binder squeezes them down to look like muscley pecs, as well as being fitted enough to work fantastically under tight or very fitted clothes. Some people use girdles, designed for the waist, but I've found that these also tend to slip down without some kind of strapping

For open-shirt binding, there's only really one method unless you want to use flesh coloured fabric over one of the methods mentioned above. It's to use sports tape in a particular way which is a little long to go into in a forum post, so I'll write up a proper tutorial (possibly with images) and send it to the CI team.

28 Dec 2007 - 19:051321
What kind of binding you use depends on what size chest you are, really.
I'm by no means an expert, so I can only tell you what's worked in my experience.

Not being particularly busty myself, I find that using a sports bra, or even just a vest with no bra works best. (Probably for A-B cups) I was wearing just a white shirt both times I tried that, and it worked totally fine.
Bandages are another way to go for maybe B-C cups, and since I've gotten bigger since my last cosplays, as long as you get good, broad kinda elastic-y bandages, they do the job great. I have tried it with some thinner bandages, and they worked fine, but I did have about 6 packs of them (being unable to find any wider ones), and they were comfortable, but where they did flatten obvious chest, they gave a bit of a rise all round, if that makes sense? So I ended up looking a bit more cut than I actually am XD
I once did try using a friends binder, and found it was just horribly uncomfortable, hot and itchy. It also did a worse job than the bandages :/ But that was the height of summer and I was doing a lot of running around on errands, so maybe others who took it a bit easier have a better idea?

Still, the best way to find out what is good for you is through trial and error, since no two people are the same, especially when it comes to things like this!

29 Dec 2007 - 17:391326
Thankyou both for all the help ^--^
I'm a B cup so I might try a sports bra and bandages, if that doesn't work I'll get a binder.

30 Dec 2007 - 22:181329
I got mine from here: http://www.samiscloset.com/binders.asp

However, I do rather like the look of some of the t-kingdom ones. *strokes chin* Perhaps I'll give one a try. I like mine, but it's a right gidder to get on, so a zippy one might be a good plan.

It can be rather warm to wear (paricularly in summer), but it's a lot more comfortable than I was expecting.

19 Apr 2008 - 23:092439
Thankyou for the websites, i've been looking for a place to get Binders for a while now.

Gonna try the sports tape method in May though, i've heard it can tear your skin off, guess i'll report back about that one.

20 Apr 2008 - 10:332441
Yeah, the only problem i have with binders is that they're visible. I'm only desperate for a boob compressing solution due to my Princess Sasuke cosplay, where the corset thing reveals most of the upper chest.
And my boobs are unfortunately pretty large, so i don't think bandaging or tape would work ;0;

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