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05 Aug 2009 - 12:5618105
Gothic lolita haircuts
can anyone find any gothic lolita haircuts.

my cousin has just found the style and loves it and to complete her new style she want a haircut like it...
we've looked but we cant seem to find any

so if you can help we'll be greatful thanks *^_^*

05 Aug 2009 - 14:0918109
Do you mean short hairs styles of just like 'style' cut?

Because you can be a Lolita with any hair style really but Gothic/Kuro Lolita’s do prefer the long curly hair that’s often tied up but a short straight bob would work just as well. Actaully I would really like to see a short hair Lolita. Also lot of people have Nana Kitade Hair style, Its kinda simple, I had for a while but it really didn’t suit me. Well I hope with helps has for pictures have you tried photo bucket?

05 Aug 2009 - 14:1518110
thanks we will try!!

she has medium/long hair
and wants something like a hime haircut but.... how can i say it.... in your face sort of thing lol >_<

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05 Aug 2009 - 14:2318111
It might be best to ask on a lolita website? There are EGL communities on LiveJournal.com for example!

Maybe look in magazines like the gothic lolita bible and so on and see what are popular haircuts? I've seen a lot of lolita with a "hime cut", but I'm not sure if this is considered a ita/bad lolita haircut haha!

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