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02 Aug 2009 - 11:0617950
Looking for Photographer for Pokemon Group! (October London Expo 09)
Our Pokemon group is having a photoshoot at the London MCM Expo in October (Saturday) and we need a photographer. Our group is quite big - we have over 10 people so just bear that in mind. ^^ We don't mind who takes our pictures, but we'd prefer if they had some way of contacting us (E-mail address etc) or an account on somewhere like deviantART.

We will be meeting by the river at 11:30 am but if this changes, we will email/PM you. x3


07 Aug 2009 - 00:1918182
Intrested if I'm avalible

I'm willing to become your photographer for the day who'd part with all wanted photos over email afterwards.

I'd be willing to travel down, follow you for the day and then when I returned home contact you again over email with photo thumbnails so you pick the best you'd like to own in full quality. I'd only ask if I could tag the photos with my deviantart account, which would be in the corner or bottom of the photo.

My camera is a Sony DSLR Alpha 200, with two lenses so I can do close up portraits with a 18mm-70mm lens or distant shots with a 50mm-200mm lens. It takes photo's in 10megapixels and so captures a lot of detail and works well indoors or out.

If I was able to do this, it'd be my first big group photoshoot but I'm looking for experience for future expo's. As well as general portrait photography.

If you're interested in me being your photographer, please feel free to contact me over deviantart or here. I've linked to my photography gallery and account.

My deviantart: http://the-oncoming-storm.deviantart.com/
My photography gallery: http://the-oncoming-storm.deviantart.com/gallery/#Photography

Hope that's enough information, and hope to hear from you. By next month I should have information if I can definatly do this expo but any other information you feel I need to know would be accepted.

Cosplayer. Photographer. Idiot.

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