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01 Aug 2009 - 19:1717920
Wig (Placing in a low ponytail)
Hi everyone.

I was wondering for a a bit of advice. The other day I tried to put one of wig into a ponytail using a foam head and pins to hold it place. It looked ok, however it is now tight on my head and I could see plenty of my natural hair colour. Any suggestions on how to account for that? I have tried tissue but it just seems to clump at certain places when you place it back on the wig foam?

Also to help it stay in place should I use hair spray or manga head or something?

Thanks for you help!


02 Aug 2009 - 14:2717959
Unfortunately there's no way to get around the lumpyness really if you have a female wig head and try to do a tail. They're significantly smaller so it will look a little odd when you take the wig off and put it on the head because it then stretches and pulls on the tail. It is still possible to do a tail on a fem head but you need to ensure the cap is completely stretched when pinning it.

If you didn't want to stretch it out then it's best to do it on your head or a male wig head as they're normal head sized and you can make sure you have complete coverage. As long as the tail isn't pulling down then storing it on a smaller form is fine. You shouldn't need any kind of product for just a tail, the band will keep everything in place just like doing a tail on your own hair.

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02 Aug 2009 - 16:5217965
Try stretching the wig out as much as possible on the wig form. You might also want to make the wig head bigger by padding it out with newspaper or something, which you can duct tape to the form, or hold in place with a wig cap over it. Try measuring the circumference of your head, with your hair up, and get the wig form to match that measurement.

However, you might just find you can style it while you’re wearing the wig if it’s just a simple low ponytail. That guarantees it’ll fit your head, and you can ensure none of your own hair is showing. I‘ve never had much of a problem putting wigs into low ponytails or braids whilst wearing them, since it’s just like styling my own hair! If you find the wig’s slipping as you try to style it, pin it to your natural hair first to keep it in place.

18 Aug 2009 - 21:3018484
this is ganna maybe sound imbarassing but go to a hairdressers and ask them to do it for you.

i go to a hairdresser to have my wigs styled its very funny the fisrt time you ask them but they just laugh and will try and help as much as they can. it doesnt cost much either or at least the one i went to didnt.

20 Aug 2009 - 21:2218573
I normally just try to style them while they are on. If it's something rather intricate then maybe I'll see if a friend can help. I have a friend who is hairdresser and she styled and dyed a wig for me once. Stylists normally have no problem working on a wig as generally that is what they learned on.

Good Luck

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