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08 Jan 2010 - 11:4024998
YOUR RAIJIN ,...HA! hes my sidekick...paws off

But yeh i have been looking and looking for a Raijin for the last 2 weeks and failed so far, so i will keep looking ^^

08 Jan 2010 - 11:5224999
Good news guys, i have found a Adel for the group =] the lovely Lozzie on here is doing adel for kitacon 2010, and i asked if she was interested in wearing it for our group, and she said she will ^^ so adel is filled!


08 Jan 2010 - 13:4025013
lolz does that mean i can just sit back and be a relaxed seifer, while u keep looking as i do have a garden to run


yay adel, i saw someone posted adel up but i never got a chance to ask, tell her im going to give her rinoa when i see her lol

08 Jan 2010 - 16:5325044
Uh Oh Emmy isn't gonna be happy xD

I'm going to ask my friend if he will be our raijin =D Hopefully he'll say yes ^_^


08 Jan 2010 - 17:5025053

I am a moderator and I'm the moderator who has been asked to keep an eye on the forum as my primary task. I have read several things in this thread which seem to me to have little to do with cosplay or the group. And that's fine by me in small doses, but longer personal conversations aren't needed in here and can be carried out through private messages which can be sent through this forum.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

08 Jan 2010 - 18:0625057
Sorry Sean and Thankyou for bringing this issue to our attention

@Fushion : Ohh yay i hope your friend does say yes ^^.

Oh and does ANYONE know or have any idea as to what Fujin wears under that coat of hers. If not i will have to improv with it lol.

08 Jan 2010 - 18:2025059
Sorry Sean i'll make sure it doesn't happen again =]

@kitticus - You can't see if she's wearing anything under her coat really so you could wear anything i guess xD


08 Jan 2010 - 18:2825062
Hmm thats the annoying thing , shes ALWAYS wearing that coat...IMPROV IT IS.

Any ideas anyone??

08 Jan 2010 - 19:4225066
Quote Kitticus:
Hmm thats the annoying thing , shes ALWAYS wearing that coat...IMPROV IT IS.

Any ideas anyone??

Maybe just wear a plain white top underneath =]


08 Jan 2010 - 19:5125067
hmm i could do that, i am thinking it would have to be relatively smart , i mean Fujins attire fits that style.

09 Jan 2010 - 13:2225113
A shirt maybe? Oo


09 Jan 2010 - 13:5625114
Hmm i was thinking that , i do have a shirt i can use , will have to see how it looks once i get my figure back and get this costume going ^^

09 Jan 2010 - 17:5825123
Just wondering, will you be making her weapon? =] I'd love to get some action shots and weapons are of coarse a must in them xD


09 Jan 2010 - 20:2625129
I do indeed plan on making her weapon ^^.
I'm not so good with props compared to costume but i will get my bf to help me hopefully ^^.
All i need i guess for it is some plywood, a jigsaw,and some paint and i already have some spare plywood and i can borrow a jigsaw just need the paint ^^.

11 Jan 2010 - 10:4625187
well her weapon is basically Rinoa's pinwheel (her first weapon) so all you have to do is ask other cosplayers who has made the pinwheel and ask them how they done it so you have a good idea how to do your own =]


11 Jan 2010 - 21:3025234
i'll be fine with it really ^^ all i have to do is measure it out onto some paper , draw the template , shove that to plywood , sketch that on, get a jigsaw on it , sand down whatever, and then paint it ^^.
Only really need my bfs help to make sure it looks good for like the template and because sometimes i get a bit nervy with a jigsaw :/

15 Jan 2010 - 17:0025464
Well have fun making it ^_^
I've spoken to my friend and he -may- do raijin =D


15 Jan 2010 - 21:1425477
i will! AND WOOOT possible Raijin thats epic

18 Jun 2010 - 12:3934685
Guys, May 2011 is getting closer and i would just like everyone to confirm that they are still alright for this group pleaaaase =]


18 Jun 2010 - 15:3434690
I'll be your standby Seifer if you need me ^_^

18 Jun 2010 - 19:2534708
Dunno who yet
Heylo my Honey-Bee this is actually a brilliant idea of yours!

I guess if there's already a Rinoa I'll try and be one of the other characters like Julia or someone so we have a range I dunno who yet though. Part of me is hoping by then I have most of the FF8 cosplays I wanna do so then I can join in as anyone ^^

So put me down as "Unknown"

I love this!!

18 Jun 2010 - 22:1134719
Wooooooooo rinny ^_^ would be awesome if you could be a part of it =D Me thinks you should do julia coz you'll look amazing as her =D

i shall put you down as undecided ^_^


22 Jun 2010 - 13:2734947
hay guys dont think Neil and i will be able to go as selphie and Irvine after all as have got Rydia and Edge planned for May instead soz guys xx

22 Jun 2010 - 14:1834949
I'm still good to be Laguna 8B


22 Jun 2010 - 22:5534997
@Sasashie:- sorry to hear you can't be in the group hun =[ but thanks for getting back to me ^_^ I shall allow you to leave the group only because i looove your rosa and it is amazing xD x

@Dkid:- Lagunaaa =D Good to hear hun, thanks for telling meh =] x


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