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28 Jul 2009 - 15:3417759
WANTED: Armand Cosplayer* For Vampire Chronicles MCM oct09 group!
[I have posted this on the mcm forums, but I wanted to put it here also! PLEASE IF YOU OR ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS IS INTERESTED, CONTACT ME OR 'PKNIVES']

"A long way to go until October, but we need to get this RIGHT.

I am speaking for three other charming people and myself for this.
We are DESPERATE (well, needy at least) for a petite young/fresh looking being
(preferably female unless you are a very lucky beautiful-looking boy) to cosplay
as the BOOK version of Armand/Amadeo on the Sunday of October expo.

Our group is a small one, so need not worry about feeling too lost amoungst people.
Apart from *you* we have a perfect little group formed:
Myself as Claudia, and then a Louis, Marius and Lestat.

We are all working very hard on getting costumes accurate as possible and ask you
to re-read bits in order to get a lovely costume together. Or to all share thoughts on
what it should be like.

Our heights range from 5ft 3"(myself) to 6ft 2"(our Marius) so it would be great if you were around 5ft 5"-7".

Sorry to be so finicky about this! But remember, please apply and link a little picture of yourself if you're interested!!!
WE REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO IT~!!! <33 An Armand is vital. haha.

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