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25 Jul 2009 - 02:4217657
I just want a few options?
Hello I usual don't ask for too many options but I think it will help a lot! So I am currently working on a costume and I found these shoes for it I can alter for the character. I and also like suppperrr short,.. I'm only really like 4'11' ^^;;.....but anyways. I was thinking of getting a lot higher heel then her shoes to help out. I was wondering if you think I can alter these shoes,. and work with the height of the heel to enhance my costume. Please give me feed back

Here are some photos to help!! lol

Link for shoe, sorry won't let me put it as an image.

So I was looking at shoes similar to that one,. If you look at shimei's shoes she does have the belt buckle straps not just regular ones. So this shoe works well. I can shorten it and take off a buckle and what not. Do you guys think it will work well? Or should I keep looking? Please help ^^

25 Jul 2009 - 10:5017665
..my own opinion is that shoes that are waaaaay over the top and stacked high, draw attention to themselves and make it appear the wearer is trying to compensate for lack of height.

The shoes in the link are already massively stacked high, and the higher they go the more they depart from the style seen in the ref picture. I generally preferr to stick to the costume style depicted in the artwork, for accuracy.

I think that you don't need to worry about your height. Your body is in proportion with itself so you don't need these extra wedges under your feet to look good. But if you really like the stacked platforms style then wear them simply because you like them.

25 Jul 2009 - 13:4517667
I would never go for extra platforms again. I did them for Ivy but all that happened is it hindered my agility and looked inaccurate. Sure it got me to the exact right height that she is (<3 MATH) but in turn it stretched me upwards making me look too skinny to be her. I later made a set of regular height heels and it looked a LOT better.


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