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01 Aug 2009 - 19:0117928
I'll see if I can find any backups for you, I got a couple of people I can ask

01 Aug 2009 - 19:0917929
Yay! Thanks 8D

The main people we need back ups for are Yukito, Tomoyo and Touya because they've all said maybe. But back up for other characters would be fantastic 8D

Thank you Watanuki-kun~ *pinch* x]

01 Aug 2009 - 20:5017937
Been meaning to post in here for a while. I'm so happy we got a full cast, even though we have some "maybes"

Looks like I'll be Chii for the group & I'm excited to make her costume, but not looking forward in the wig with the big tangles of DOOM!!!!

In btw could you put Tsuchinoko down as Touya. She was the friend I was talking about when I emailed you and if you need her DA link to put on your journal ~ http://tsuchinoko-chan.deviantart.com/ I'm offering to make her costume, if she says she'll definitely be our Touya.

01 Aug 2009 - 21:1217938
Haha, I'm surprised we managed to get the cast so soon too! It gives me plenty of time to get the audio up and running 8D

Must PM Tsuchinoko later so that I can email her the script to seek feedback~

I find it amusing how every one of us are girls! O_O Wasn't expecting that seeing as Tsubasa is a shonen anime/manga xDD

01 Aug 2009 - 23:3017941
Yaaaay full cast 8D *does the Kuro dance* <3
I only know a possible backup Fai, sorry XD;

Oh, and a quick suggestion for the audio~
Instead of us doing voice recordings, we could try and cut the lines from the dub and put them together? Just a thought, 'cause everyone's recordings would probably all be different qualities, and I'm wondering whether I'd be able to get my voice manly enough for Kuro XD; I can give it a shot though, if you think voice recordings is better ;D

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02 Aug 2009 - 11:3217954
Haha, an all female Tsubasa group! That'll make it more fun and extra special! XD I'm really looking forward to it

I'd love to see how much the script has changed since I saw it

02 Aug 2009 - 12:3817957
@Ladywhitetiger: Heeeey that's a great idea actually! I'll play around with it [as soon as I find where I can download the dub orz... I only have the Chinese and Jap version on DVD so I can't rip it LOL] but the main problem is the background music. I know in some parts there's background music when they're speaking. If I can find a way of muting this background music then I'll go ahead and use the dub voices because your right about the different qualities! Thanks for the suggestion : D

@Lady Bahamut: It really hasn't changed much at all tbh xD. Just some odd grammar mistakes - you were like, the 3rd person I gave it to I think so you've pretty much corrected most of them xD. The 1st and 2nd person who I gave it to still have the version with the bad grammar mistakes though xDDD

Righteo... Time to play around with Audacity and see if I can remove music! It can remove voices I know that, so that's a start xDD [Need the opposite!]

EDIT: Found a site where I can download the dub |D
.......... This may take a while to download... [Darn you internet - I thought you were supposed to be fast for me!]
EDIT 2: Righteo, downloaded the two episodes xD I'll play around with it now~

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02 Aug 2009 - 15:1117963
I hope you can do it! Although I've not actually heard that much of the dub, I watched it subbed ^^;

Hmm... maybe I should make a Watanuki banner for this occasion...

02 Aug 2009 - 16:0717966
Played around with Audacity and looked up some tutorials on how to remove background music... I don't think it's going to work xD;;

And if I cut and use the audio as it is then it doesn't flow very smoothly >_<;

I think easiest way for now is to try and make our voice recordings as best quality as possible - if not then we could get someone else to record it. As for Kurogane's manly voice... If you want I could ask a friend to record his voice so that we have a guy's voice? xD; I know a few guys who'd be willing if we're in need of manly voices xDD

The dub was pretty good actually! I liked the voices x] Although Syaoran took some taking use to, but I got over it quickly xD And it's 100% times better than the Cantonese dub I can tell you that

Loool, Watanuki banner. Do it! xD

02 Aug 2009 - 19:5317979
There we go... one Watanuki banner. Made in super quick time! Took me less than an hour, usually I'm at it for a week O_O But look at him! He's so sexy and purple~

You know, someone else can always do my voice. I only have one line after all! XD

02 Aug 2009 - 21:3617989
Pretty banner! 8D You have skillz~

Haha true true - you can say "Yes Ma'am" if you reeeally want though xDD

02 Aug 2009 - 22:0417994
I watched the whole thing dubbed, and found it strange when I watched Tokyo Revalations in sub XD; it's one of the few anime I can stand being dubbed ;D

Ahh fair enough about the audio, too bad it didn't work out XD Aye, if you can get a guy to do a manly voice I'm sure it won't sound as strange as me attempting to do it XD;
I'll just have to listen to the recording after so I can get the lip syncing right ;D

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03 Aug 2009 - 13:4018016
Quote CrystalNeko:
Pretty banner! 8D You have skillz~

Haha true true - you can say "Yes Ma'am" if you reeeally want though xDD

Thank you!! I'm always up for requests XD

Lol, no it's fine! I really don't care if someone else says my one and only line XD I do have a microphone, but I actually have NO idea how to use it ^^;

Ladywhitetiger: I quite like the xxxHolic dub, it's really good


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04 Aug 2009 - 15:4318074
Alriiiight, I've asked the lovely ShurikenFire if he could be our voice and he said yes! Looks like we'll have a manly Kuro-tan, yaaay~ He's also our reserve Kuro-rin which is why he was the first person I turned to ^_^

As for xxxHolic. I've never actually seen the anime! I've only read the manga *shame*. Well I lie, I watched a bit of xxxHolic Kei at Kytiane's house, and I saw the movie because I heard it was epic [which it was <333] buuut that's it xD

04 Aug 2009 - 19:5318078
Lol, a manly Kurogane voice XD I suppose he is the one person who does need a more... manly voice! XD

Yeah, you should check out the xxxHolic dub. It's really well done, especially Yuko and Watanuki's voices

Made a few changes to my banner, its now higher quaility since the purple didn't show as much as it did in GIMP and I removed the smoke from behind the butterfly on the left. It was annoying me >_>

07 Aug 2009 - 17:0118198

I'm afraid we've lost Yuuko. So I'm bumping this up to advertise Yuuko's spot

I've edited the script so it has diagrams showing where people should be stood now - I call it the "lol version" because it humoured me |D

08 Aug 2009 - 12:3418218
Noooo! I've lost my Yuko!! D:

*Is a big fan of the "lol version"*

08 Aug 2009 - 13:0818219
I'm so very tempted to swap Fai for Yuuko, but I want to do both T^T I wish I could clone myself and do both >: D

I also love LOL version, the end is the best!!
...May I comment though this just might be me worrying needlessly but it looks very crowded, I notice no use of the catwalk?

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08 Aug 2009 - 13:3118220
I made the "lol version" as a joke XD [once I started I wanted to carry on till the end XD;] but if it's helpful then I shall send it to everyone xD

It appears crowded in the diagrams but that's because the little icons can only go that small without being unrecognisable - obviously the stage is much bigger than my diagrams so we should be safe! I would enlarge the diagrams but it would have spanned to 20 pages and would have become very annoying to read LOL XD

I did think about using the catwalk, alas due to the very tight time slot I don't know how the characters would make their speech by walking up the catwalk then rush back. It would save a lot of time if we just kept to the main stage - unless people can make suggestions as to how we can make use of the catwalk?

Plus, I asked the organizers - tidying up the feathers counts towards the 3 minute slot unless they place us at the end of a section so we get longer [in which case I will have to e-mail them when registrations open - which obviously isn't till April next year XDDD]

08 Aug 2009 - 17:3918224
Quote Special-Pleb:
I'm so very tempted to swap Fai for Yuuko, but I want to do both T^T I wish I could clone myself and do both >: D

I also love LOL version, the end is the best!!
...May I comment though this just might be me worrying needlessly but it looks very crowded, I notice no use of the catwalk?

Be Yukoooooo!! You get the added bonus of bossing me around all day! XD

I actually thought of something as well while re-looking at the "lol version"... there are some characters stood at the front of the stage but to the sides. Would they be blocking the view to some people in the audience?

Also, have we decided when we're doing it yet?


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08 Aug 2009 - 17:5718225
What is this lol version you speak of? XD it sounds... lol-worthy 8D

Aw, it's kinda silly that picking up feathers adds to the 3 minute slot XD;

08 Aug 2009 - 19:1618227
The "lol-version" is basically the script WITH diagrams showing where people will be standing after each scene just to help people out a bit. I'll send out another e-mail as soon as I get confirmation when everyone is free etc etc. Some have requested it early though soooo I've given them a copy [subject to change so I'll be re-sending it to them once everything is sorted~]

As for the people standing at the front. Well at the beginning both Clow Sakura and Syaoran will actually be perching at the front rather than standing. And I know Yuuko will be standing right in front of Tomoyo but when it's her turn to talk she'll be walking towards Kuro-pii and she'll be seen that way. As for near the end when Tomoyo and Chii are standing right at the front - this is just for pretty decoration XD
They shouldn't really get in the way of the audience because if the layout is anything like the previous expos then they should be pretty far back [Although they may get in the way of the cosplayers that were on stage previously as they sit right at the front... But that's what the big screen is for ;D]

09 Aug 2009 - 10:2818237
Ahhhh. I see. Okay, that makes sense XD

30 Aug 2009 - 13:1518997
If you need a Back up Fai then you can always Count on me ^_^

Cosplay is the true meaning of Globle warming
30 Aug 2009 - 13:3018998
Sweet, thanks Ritsusha!

I'll ask ladywhitetiger's possible Fai first because she was first. But if she's unable to then I'll come to you~ : D (Keeps things fair if I do it first come first serve)

I'm glad this skit is coming along swimmingly though, lets hope it stays this way! : D

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