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22 Jul 2009 - 19:1717546
I am planning to make Anbu Costumes
Thats Right!
Anbu Costumes!
Because no doubt i'm gonna get really bored this summer holiday ¬_¬
If you need an example
I will be making the top half (black inner shirt and sleeves) And the white outer shirt,
Mask will be added if necessary to the price.
It will range from £10-£30 depending on the cost of the P&P But the price will always include P&P.
Trousers wil not be provided (apologise).
hope this sounds interesting to you all!!
Messege me if you have any requests or queries!

Edit: Long Story Short. You will be getting:
The Black Undershirt With Arm Sleeves (You Need To Edit Sleeves As It Is Difficult To Make)
The White Overshirt With Straps (Zips will be added if asked)

You will also get (On request):
Arm Guards (White)
Mask (Referance Needed)

Prices WILL include P&P, Measuerments are needed. Measurements needed are (In Inches):
Chest Size- Bust size if female xD
What Size Shirt You Wear (S,M,L Etc.)
Distance from neck to lower torso (for white overshirt, see mine for example)

Please, Once again, PM me for orders and questions.
Prices will vary due to P&P And needed extras.

P.s, If your not interested in the costume, just in a mask or something, i'll make it for you at a good price, ^-^

Jacobar ~x

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22 Jul 2009 - 22:2917554
Hey im interested in this! Will PM you!

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23 Jul 2009 - 15:3017574
Anyone else interested?
I'd really love to make some!

24 Jul 2009 - 09:3217599
Paying Methods
Okay. The paying methods are as followed:
Concealed Money (in letter through post)-recommended-

Tha paypal isnt mine, its my parents, so, if you could
please send in a concealed letter.

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