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22 Jul 2009 - 18:0017544
CCS sakura, Schneizel from Code geass cosplays and other items for SALE!
Due to money and space issues (My costume rail actaully buckled under its own weight the other night ) I'm selling a few costumes and wig items.

All Prices DO NOT include paypal fees or Shipping, Please ask me for Shipping and don't hesistate to ask any questions. Offers also accepted!


All costumes will be cleaned before being posted!
My measurements for reference are:
Bust -89cm
Waist- 70cm
Hips - 86cm
Height - 165cm
I'm generally shop size 8/10

Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura.

This is the Clamp artwork version of the costume from the 2nd CCS movie. Worn 3 times and in very good condition. It has free hip sizing
You can see it in my gallery
It also award winning! 2nd place in the MCM masquerade one may

The costume includes:
Hat, with hidden headband
Two layered skirt with Hidden petticoat
Tailcoat, fully lined and bias binded, with zip and hook and eye closure. There is slight iron damange to the hook and eye tape, but its been fixed and you cannot see it as it is covered by the red panel.
Shorts made out of pink stretch cotton lycra.
Gloves with top collar, made of stretch cotton lycra.
Some Random clow/sakura cards that match the costume

All the wing designs on the cosutme are appliqued!

The tailcoat has two invisable zips fitted into the back, these allow the wings for this costume to fit into the harness worn underneath.

Price: £77


Shoes - size 6/7 with matching collars
May not fit but the collars could be taken off and applied to new shoes
CCS magic seal floor mat, Hand painted clear vinyl on top of a cotton background (you can me standing on it in one of the pictures)
Fluffy CCS style wings - with harness
This system isn't perfect and the wings need some shaping when in place, but they are rather cute.
Copper wire and alluminum structure, with wadding and cotton covering. I'll send instructions on how I wore them, you can then choose to adapt the system if you want. These are designed to be worn with the costume, without the harness being seen.

Schneizel - the 2nd prince of britannia from Code Geass

This costume has been worn around 6 times, but it is in very good condition.
I also wear this costume fully bound, so the bust will be smaller. The jacket and wasitcoat have free hip measurement

The costume includes:

Trouses, shop bought and altered
Long purple Waistcoat, Fully overlocked with velvet trim. Zip and popper fastening.
Cotton and net petticoat, to go under the waistcoat
Tailcoat, Fully lined with bias binding edging, velvet tails and raised flick details. There is extensive structure in the colour and front lapels, which gives it shape.
Purchase dress shirt, with attached cravat and green cotton gem.
Decorative belt with velcro fastening.


Matching style wig, very thick with a zig zag skin part

Alice in wonderland style costume (Pics to follow)

This was made for a birthday party last year, from a pattern.

Cotton blue dress, fully overlocked with puffy sleeves and ribbon detail on the hem.
White cotton apron, overlocked and ties at the back.


Other Items

Butterscotch blonde cosworx willow wig
The colour is the same as the one in the main picture.
as well as one pack of matching wefted extensions.

This wig is brand new, never been worn. I think it would be perfect to style into and edward elric wig, as incorperating the matching extension would provide the require volume for his braid!

wig £20
exntensions £5
both £24

Katie bair's homemade wig dye, one 4oz kit in sun yellow

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