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20 Jul 2009 - 17:3417448
Bring MCM's Cosplay Roadshow to East Anglia!
I have a thread for people living in East Anglia, which also mentions the group I made - AniMedia East, however I've cleared it with one of the moderators here that it's alright for me to post some info about how I am engaging in advocacy for MCM in raising enough interest for them to bring the roadshow to this area of the UK.

Understandably there is one happening in Hertfordshire, which is the far south-west of the East Anglia region beyond Cambridge - and actually practically in the Midlands just above London though still considered EA (and that's a rather long way from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex).

After speaking to one of the partners who run MCM Expo events, I learned they would like to come over this way if enough interest is generated.

I know some of you on here who I've spoken to have already signed the petition I've made, but we need lots more people to show their interest. So, if you haven't signed already, please do - even if you're not in East Anglia but would consider attending an event there!

The link to it is - http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/29479.html


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