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16 Jul 2009 - 22:4717346
The Flash
I generally don't use a flash

but at Kitacon after seeing some of Kevin Packs photos I got to wondering whether to pick up a flash for Aya or not.

Nothing elaborate, i was thinking a 430EZ or something (Canon) something cheap and if I like the results I can then splash out on something more modern

But then there are more woes as there seem to be three main different flash diffuser manufacturers (Sto-Fen, Lumiquest and DiffuseiT)

And I was wondering which is likely to be best for con photography?

Lost as in a dream I seek the shadow Of one who has Swirled away... Abandoning friends, Abandoning humanity.
What awaits us all Is the path to emptiness. Knowing my heart The flowers weep, And the wild birds cry.

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