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14 Jul 2009 - 22:1517257
Must sell CCS cosplay before monday 20th!
Heya ^^

Basically I'm moving out, probably on monday 20th, and I have some things I need to get rid of before then or else it'll end up getting thrown away :<

So yeah, it's a very rare design, it was printed on a bag and I found a tiny picture of it in the merchandise section at the end of the CCS Memorial artbook ^^;
Here's a sketch I drew of it: Sakura

I'm selling the shirt, the shorts and the hat ^^
Shirt: Front, Back, Side
Shorts: Front
Hat: Front, Back, Side

The boning in the shirt can slide out if you don't want it to be all hoop-y, and the hat has a thin transparent elastic strap to go under the chin. The whole thing is made of cotton wyncette ^^

It's pretty much a UK size 10/12 but if you're wary then here are the measurements:

Hat circumference: 22in/57cm
Hat/ear length: 37in/95cm
Shirt neck circumference: 24in/62cm
Sleeve length: 21.5in/55cm
Wrist circumference: 8in/21cm
Wrist circumference (fully stretched): 12in/31cm
Bust circumference: 32in/82cm
Hoop circumference: 57in/146cm
Shorts waistband: 34in/87cm
Shorts waistband (fully stretched): 45in/115cm
Shorts leg: 21in/54cm
Shorts leg (fully stretched): 28in/72cm

Basically, I'm looking for around £30 not including P&P

It took me quite a while to make so I hope someone will give it a good home :3 preferably before monday!

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16 Jul 2009 - 23:3317353
Anybody? D:

How about £30 including P&P or best offer? I'd rather not have to throw this cosplay away

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